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Comedian Phoenix West, Frank Linkz, Adam Wilcox & Dick Dickette review every episode of The Twilight Zone. This show is stand-up meets review show. Sobriety not guaranteed.

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 2021-03-24  1h13m

episode 22: 233: TZ1985 - 308 - Our Selena Is Dying (Live)

Our Selena Is Dying to get a diamond sale at Zales.


 2021-03-24  52m

episode 23: 234: Night Gallery - 315B - How To Cure The Common Vampire (Live)

"Are You Sure We Should Watch This?" "No, just nevermind."


 2021-03-24  41m

episode 24: 235: Night Gallery - 212C - Quoth The Raven (Live)

Get it? It's a literal quote from the raven? Get it???


 2021-03-31  31m

episode 25: 236: TZ1985 - 314 - The Trunk (Live)

Bud Cort is your new zombie Trunk boyfriend!


 2021-03-31  49m

episode 26: 237: TZ1985 - 311 - Acts Of Terror (Live)

He ACTS like a romantic person but she sicks dogs OF TERROR on him.


 2021-03-31  46m

episode 27: 238: Night Gallery - 209C - Dr. Stringfellow's Rejuvenator (Live)

Dr. Dre plays his Fellow rapper's Strings and the chronic acts as a Rejuvenator. I'm sorry for this.


 2021-04-07  40m

episode 28: 239: TZ1985 - 107A - Teacher's Aide (Live)

The Teacher's Aides should be between her and her gargoyle doctor.


 2021-04-07  33m

episode 29: 240: TZ1959 - 122 - The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street Redux (Live)

They are due your shitty space comic books, kid.


 2021-04-07  1h31m

episode 30: 241: TZ1985 - 315 - Appointment On Route 17 (Live)

I have an appointment with a 17 year old. Ironically off route 17.


 2021-04-14  1h0m