Locked on Lakers

Anthony (Lakers Outsiders) and Harrison (Lakers Nation), bring you a daily look into the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA. They dig deep into all the latest around LA's premiere franchise in "Locked on Lakers", a part of the "Locked on Podcast Network". #nba #lakers




      Why fans might have to worry about Lakers' center rotation

      July 17th, 2018. Mark that as the day I bought into this Lakers roster (outside of Lance, obviously). Pete and I discuss why this all might make sense. 



      Does Josh Hart's strong play mean anything for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope?

      In today's show, I discuss and do a mini-deep dive on Josh Hart and Kentavious Caldwell Pope. Turns out, having multiple really good players (even at the same position) is a good thing! 



      MAILBAG: How will Luke Walton handle the rotations early on?

      The Lakers are heading into next season with different priorities than the last few years. In today's mailbag episode, I discuss whether that will impact how they distribute minutes, especially early on. 



      Might LeBron James play center?

      To make up for the lack of shows last week, Anthony called up Harrison to talk about what LeBron playing the five might do for the Lakers' rotation and how they could make it work. 

      Also, the return of 50 Shades of Shade. 



      Should the Lakers hold onto Luol Deng this season?

      I am joined by Jeff Siegel of Early Bird Rights, Peachtree Hoops and Locked on Hawks to talk about, well, all kinds of stuff. But we start with a popular topic among Laker fans: Luol Deng's contract.



      Mailbag: Passing on Brook Lopez is a mistake

      The Lakers missed out on Brook Lopez and will have start JaVale McGee at center. That and plenty more thanks to your questions. 



      Do the moves made after adding LeBron James make sense?

      In part one in a two-part podcast (part two can be found on the Locked on NBA feed), Pete and I talk about the moves since LeBron James agreed to sign with the Lakers, what needs to be done next and the latest on Kawhi Leonard.



      Mailbag: Did Kobe Bryant's farewell tour help the Lakers sign LeBron James?

      In a quick July 4 episode, I take your questions. We talk about Kobe Bryant's effect on LeBron James, Magic Johnson's line of thinking with Julius Randle, and plenty more. 



      With LeBron James, what should the Lakers offer for Kawhi Leonard?

      As it stands now, the Lakers have all the leverage in any trade discussions with San Antonio. Yes, they could offer Brandon Ingram in a "fair" trade, but they really don't have to right now. Harrison and I discuss how the Lakers should play this one out. 



      Goodbye, Julius Randle. Hello, people who don't fit with LeBron James...?

      Look, at the end of the day, LeBron still plays for the Lakers. But losing Julius Randle and the guys who replaced him isn't great. Harrison joins the show to stan for Magic.