Long May You Young

A podcast about Neil Young's music from Mike Hsu and The Condon Brothers (of Town Meeting). Proud part of Pantheon - Podcasts for Music Lovers.



episode 4: 4. Harvest

Are you ready for the podcast, because it's time to go! It's Harvest week, folks! And boy do we get into it on this one. We listen to our first voice memo and some nice reviews. Russ defends the time in Burlington when he thought a Pink Floyd song was a Neil tune. Mike brings up the recording process. Russ does an impression of a jacket. Luke has trouble with some lyrics. The boys all get deep about Words (between the lines of age.) We find out some interesting stuff about Carrie Snodgrass...


 June 24, 2020  2h38m

episode 3: 3. After The Gold Rush

Well I dreamed I saw a silver podcast, ladies and gentleman. After The Gold Rush, Mr. Young's third album is here. Luke says it's his favorite. The boys talk about protesting a bit. Mike hates - and I mean HATES - Till The Morning Comes and Cripple Creek Ferry. We defend the solo's in Southern Man. Mike wonders what it would be like to get jumped by Joni Mitchell. The Skynard/Young feud/friendship is brought up...


 June 17, 2020  2h25m

episode 2: 2. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Down by the river, I shot my podcast, folks! We get into Neil's incredible sophomore album. We talk a little about Danny Whitten and how Crazy Horse came into existence. Luke talks about how Down By The River saved Town Meeting. Mike talks about his favorite song. Russ doesn't know which song he'd cut.  F*ckin' Neil, Man.  We're very happy to be a part of the Pantheon Podcast family. For more great music podcasts, check out http://pantheonpodcasts.com/ Follow us - Facebook.com/longmayyouyoung


 June 10, 2020  1h49m

episode 1: 1. Neil Young (Self-Titled)

Episode 1 - Neil Young (self-titled) Mike introduces the show. The boys talk about how they started getting into Neil Young. Mike hates Trans (the album). We dive into Neil's first album. Lemonade commercials are brought up. Russ shows us his guns several times. Luke gets all high and mighty because he listens on vinyl. We pick our top 3 songs. The Last Trip To Tulsa should have it's own episode. F*ckin' Neil, man.  For more great music podcasts, head over to http://pantheonpodcasts.com/


 May 29, 2020  1h47m