Long May You Young

A podcast about Neil Young's music from Mike Hsu and The Condon Brothers (of Town Meeting). Proud part of Pantheon - Podcasts for Music Lovers.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h47m. Bisher sind 84 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

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episode 83: One Night At Giant Rock Double Vinyl! (w/ Astrid Young)

Astrid Young returns to talk about her new project!


 June 14, 2023  32m

episode 82: Harvest Time

Neil Young and the Stray Gators making the masterpiece that is Harvest. We get into it.


 March 1, 2023  1h27m

episode 81: Homegrown

It's alright with us.


 February 26, 2023  1h55m

episode 80: 80: Colorado

The Horse is back - this time with Nils instead of Poncho - on Neils 39th Studio album, Colorado!


 November 30, 2022  2h8m

episode 79: Paradox (part 2) w/ Daryl Hannah and Adam CK Vollick

The one and only Daryl Hannah joins the podcast along with our old friend Adam CK Vollick to talk about the film Paradox! Available THIS WEEKEND on the Neil Young Archives!


 September 29, 2022  57m

episode 78: 78. Tuscaloosa

A live show from 1973 released in 2019 - Neil Young's Tuscaloosa is perfectly Neil. And perfectly Ben. We get into it.


 September 21, 2022  1h15m

episode 77: 77. Songs For Judy / Roxy

The boys are back at it, and we're diving into Songs For Judy and Roxy.


 August 10, 2022  1h15m

episode 76: 76. Paradox

Neil and the POTR boys get down and dirty in Paradox.


 June 9, 2022  1h0m

episode 75: 75. The Visitor

We're podcasters, by the way... Mike's back. Our chemistry is immediate and unflinching as we trudge into The Visitor. We have similar takes on the album as a whole, but certain songs speak louder than others. If anyone disagrees, lock 'em up. Pantheonpodcasts.com for more great music themed shows. Patreon.com/longmayyouyoung to dig into some bonus goodies. Longmayyouyoungpodcast.com to see when the last time we've updated our website is.


 May 18, 2022  1h32m

episode 74: 74. Hitchhiker

The jury is in: This is one hell of an album. Almost every review we found, and everyone we asked seems to have the same feeling - this is raw Neil doing what he does best and doing the hell out of it. Recorded in 76 but not released until 2017, this stripped down collection is some of the finest Neil we've heard. We geek out for quite a while on it...


 April 28, 2022  1h48m