Losing Our Religion

Losing Our Religion with host Zac Gandara is a wild often comedic ride alongside a community of diverse humans each seeking their desired life and ideal experience away from the dogma and exclusivities they may have been raised to believe.


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EPISODE 023: "Fundamental" Atheism: Part 2: Chad Mummert

This is part two of our time with Chad discussing fundamentalism and Chad being an atheist. Fundamentalism is something that frustrates us both and is not solely limited to religion. You can be a fundamentalist about anything. Fundamentalist:relating...


 2015-12-30  1h17m

EPISODE 022: Sort of Xmas Special-ish

Happy Holidays Losers!!!! Welcome to this year's Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa Krampusnacht Krampus Nothingness Every Holiday Special! Jen and I sit down to discuss our holidays past, present, and future. We know that the holiday season isn't great for...


 2015-12-23  1h22m

EPISODE 021: "Fundamental" Atheism: Part 1: Chad Mummert

We have had other atheist on the show before, but none like Chad. Chad would be the equivalent of me as a believer, except he’s atheist-agnostic. What I mean by equivalent is that he has spent time researching what he owns. He holds it as truth....


 2015-12-16  1h4m

EPISODE 020: Yeah it's Jacked, but What Else is There? : Billy Power

"Sometimes the answer to prayer is us." - Billy Power This episode is a battle of the sexy voices. Never before have we recorded an episode in the morning, but since Billy is in New York, we had to record early. 6:30 am my time, 9:30 am his time. We...


 2015-12-09  1h4m

EPISODE 019: Cheers Queerdo! : Dash López

“We’re so rarely pulled out of the church - it’s all of us who leave and have such specific informed convictions. Church is like a pressure cooker - you either end up buried under the weight of it to the point that you never get out,...


 2015-12-02  1h14m

EPISODE 018: A Clean Whiteboard: Lynn Morrow

Lynn Morrow is a rad chick! Our inside joke was that, "I went into the bar looking for a blonde but ended up with a brunette.” LOL. You'll have to listen to know why that's funny. She's a former "pastor/church director" who has come out as a...


 2015-11-25  1h17m

EPISODE 017: (Trans*) Love to All: Laird Young

Laird is a trans-man. I didn't even know going into the recording! We were introduced to each other by our sneaky mutual friend Cameron, met in one of the bars at my hotel, hugged at first sight, and the rest was easy. Laird is a well spoken loving...


 2015-11-18  1h15m

EPISODE 016: Certainty Addiction: Christian Piatt

Christian is one of those guys that I wish I wouldn't have written off back in my Mega-Dick Ministry days. I've heard his name from time to time over the years, no doubt because he has written almost ten books. The titles and content of which I am now...


 2015-11-11  1h19m

Episode 015: Dropping Our Beliefs: Seattle Sounder: Steve Zakuani

Steve was present for the last sermon I ever preached at my former Mega-Machine. In fact, that's when we first met. I knew almost immediately that he was much different from any other pro athlete/celebrity I had ever met. In Seattle, Futbol (Soccer)...


 2015-11-04  1h7m

EPISODE 014: Jesus Chakra & Porn: Seth Taylor

This may very well be the most transparent and meaningful episode we've recorded yet. (At least in regards to my own experience of losing my religion.) A journey into the depths of my own past hurts, current fears, and repressed anger that I am still...


 2015-10-28  1h27m