Lost Notes from Underground

Just another human spiraling down into abysmal reverie. He calls himself Leander. Day after day, someone finds a cassette with his voice and uploads it here. No one knows why these were made, but it sure is funny to hear him ramble as if he understands the world. *Pshaw He claims to have a silly notion that philosophy, psychology and myths and folklore will save him from damnation. It's hilarious as he tries to make sense of the world which left him behind. So give it a listen when you're sad, it'll make you feel better about yourself. . .


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episode 7: Tape Seven (Secondhand Lovers)

This tape was found near a brook that once flowed behind the shed that Leander had holed himself in towards the end. The tape, which intended to break down the concept of Muses for Leander, ends in his breakdown instead. He talks of how maybe, every poem, every song is just an anonymous exercise in the context of love. I don't really have anything to say. It seems that Leander is rubbing off on me.



episode 6: Tape Six (To Freya from Sufi)

This was sent via an email, and while the voice somewhat matches, but we aren't sure if this is real or not. The main reason being that I don't think Leander is a millennium or a Gen Z, for come on, who even records tapes today? And also, his voice sounds different. I mean, Leander has this monotonous voice, which is not true for this recording. But I still kinda found it interesting, so thought I'd share it nonetheless...



episode 5: Tape Five (Self-therapy Day 1)

This recording was submitted to us anonymously by someone who claimed to have known Leander in his better days. We tried to contact the person after receiving this, but received no reply. I think Leander sounds better in this tape, not withstanding that the tonal quality of his voice still saw a tremble. Make what you want of this, he really went wild recording this. From talking about chapped lips to love, desire, catharsis, therapy sessions and whatnots. Listen away, I suppose...



episode 4: Tape Four (My Lolita)

I don't quite understand as to why this 'Leander' reminds me of all the pseudo-intellectual tryhards that I've met in my life. The same BS about metaphysics, nihilism, solipsism, heralding that decadent author Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita as art, trying to badmouth heavenly concepts such as marriage and more. And is it just me, or has he become even more loony than usual. I'll try finding more of his recording and uploading them here...



episode 3: Tape Three (Letters I Never Sent)

The cassette of this recording was found in a little cardboard box that this dude tried to lock with chains, lol.  I have no clue whom he is talking about. Freya, I heard that name in some game, probably means Goddess of love, I think. Well, whatever it be, doesn't really matter, poems can't help you not sleep on an empty stomach. Stagnation, "Marinating in mediocrity", never losing hope, and more such things are uttered by him...



episode 2: Tape Two (Clown Pagliacci)

Found alongside the tape uploaded earlier in this emo guy's room. Herein he explains some dumb joke about some Clown Pagliacci, tries his hand at explaining solipsism, and even touches on the myth of Sisyphus, the Greek dude. And as the one nobody really took notice of, he also tries to negate the concept of love, while trying to justify it. 

He a dork lol, I'm telling you.



episode 1: Tape One (Kintsugi)

The man that even the shadows turned their backs on, tries to sing of beauty, of trust, of love. Found this cassette while searching through the belongings he left behind. He speaks about Kintsugi, as a symbolic means of countering insecurity, but he himself denies it. A hypocrite indeed. 



Tape Zero (restored)

This tape had been recorded over, but thanks to technology, it was restored to almost its original quality. 

Well, we don't know anyone bothered, but yes, its the tape zero of these obnoxious recordings. keep tuned in, and keep laughing at this fool; for, he doesn't deserve pity. 


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