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      LOTL Radio Welcomes Pieces of a Dream , Debuts new CD" Just Funkin Around

      In the world of jazz, commodities are fleeting. Styles come and go. Artists at the top of this week’s charts could be history by the end of next month. Words like “staying power” and “longevity” are for anyone or anything that sticks around for more than a couple years. But then there are those rare few, gifted with the right stuff, who hang in for the long haul – musical collectives that continue to explore and evolve album after album, year after year, decade after decade,...



      LOTL Radio Welcomes Andre Cymone . His New Album " 1969 "

      In a time when most of us are carrying around devices in our pockets that can pull up and play just about any song from music history, there is something exhilarating about the fuzzed-out wheel of fortune that is an FM radio dial. To take a break from the constant onslaught of information and decisions and hand the steering wheel over to someone else for a while feels both nostalgic and liberating. Remember when that’s all there was? The sweet static-filled unpredictability of the radio...



      LOTL Radio Welcomes K Sloan. Debuts Her New EP " BLANK PAGES "

      K Sloan is a Singer- Songwriter born and raised in Metro- Detroit, Michigan. She began singing at the age of twelve with a program called Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit and since then music has been an integral part of her life. Always carrying the spirit of Motown and artistry in her heart she went on to study Theatre in the acting Conservatory at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. Throughout the program she cultivated her love of music by auditioning and being cast in manyt of the...



      LOTL Radio Welcomes Niia. Debut Album , I.

      With her Latest single " Sideline Feat. Jazmine Sullivan



      LOTL Radio Welcomes Gloria Prince . Her Latest hit single " Right There "

      When Gloria is not in a studio or on the stage, she donates her time and talents as a humanitarian. In January, Gloria traveled to Kampala, Uganda for the third time with The Reaction Tour in conjunction with Kenneth Copeland Ministries. She gave makeup tutorials to the young women and taught hip hop dance classes. The tour was formed to empower children around the world through the avenues of sports, discipleship, dance and music and to display God’s love. The single and music video for...



      LOTL Radio Welcomes Tomi Jenkins . Debuts his new single "Life 2 Remember "

      Tomi Jenkins is an original member and co-founder of the Legendary Funk/R&B group Cameo. He's co-written many of the groups biggest hits like Word Up, Candy, Single Life, Flirt, and more. Life 2 Remember is the first single from his upcoming EP A Life To Remember, which also features 6 more eclectic and diverse tracks that traverse his 40 year funk, rock, R&B career. The Ep will be available soon. Life 2 Remember tells the story of a musician who's seen it all and done it all in his long...



      LOTL Radio Welcomes acclaimed saxophonist Walter Beasley. New CD "Blackstreams"

      Considered by fans and critics alike as being one of the music industry’s most influential artists, Walter Beasley is the acclaimed saxophonist, vocalist, educator, and entrepreneur of our time. Moving into the year 2000, he became known for not only being the highest selling full time faculty member ever, but also the only teacher, in history, to successfully grace the Billboard charts for four decades. Born in 1961 in the town of Brawley, and transitioning to El Centro, California,...



      LOTL Radio Welcomes Alfa Anderson. Debuts new single "When Luther Sings"

      New York, NY (April 11, 2017) – Alfa Anderson, former member of the iconic funk soul band Chic (Le Freak, Good Times, Everybody Dance), will release a new single, "When Luther Sings," in honor of her longtime friend Luther Vandross 66th birthday.  The rousing, heartfelt tribute is written by Anderson and co-produced by multi-talented Bert Price.  Available nationwide on April 20, When Luther Sings is the first single from Anderson’s long-awaited debut solo album, From My Heart (set for...



      LOTL Radio Welcomes Brenda Nicole Moorer's. Debuts New CD' Brand New Heart '

      jazz/folk/soul singer-songwriter  Brenda Nicole Moorer's new full-length, Brand New Heart! We've been working on this project for over three years, so it feels so great to have it finally done and ready for your ears! Featuring a gorgeous collaboration with special guest Chris Turner, plus nine other original songs. Produced, engineered and mixed by Jesse Fischer  at Electrik Indigo Sound, Brooklyn, with additional recording at the awesome 800 East in Atlanta, GA.



      LOTL Radio Welcomes Grammy Award winning Saxophonist Kirk Whalum.CD"Lovecovers"

      LOVECOVERS! A beautifully illustrated and expressed musical message of healing truth from preeminent and peerless jazz saxophonist Kirk Whalum arrives just in time for a world whose rhythm is more than a tad off-kilter. And at the heart of this homage to love, what else, the good news… the everlasting “Gospel” message of God’s covering and enduring love. Sync this with Kirk Whalum’s masterfully arranged and inspired saxophone reverie, a host of music’s most acclaimed instrumental...