Lower Your Expectations with Marcus Butler

Lower Your Expectations is a podcast hosted by internet personality Marcus Butler and his full time producer part time mate Matt Bentley-Viney where they take a deep dive into the weird and wonderful corners of the digital world tackling some of the internet’s biggest taboos with celebrities, creators and industry leader guests.


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episode 90: LYE 90: Everything That's Wrong With YouTube Rewind 2018

It's that time of year again The mince pies are out in force, the weather is pretty miserable (applicable in the UK) and YouTube has released the second most disliked video on their platform. That's right YouTube Rewind is back and this y...


 2018-12-10  39m

episode 89: LYE 89: The End Of YouTube? (Article 13)

Is this the end of YouTube? That's the question we're exploring in this weeks episode of Lower Your Expectations. Following the passing of Article 13 YouTube could be held liable for all content uploaded within the EU and as a result this cou...


 2018-11-26  37m

episode 88: LYE 88: The Rise Of Commentary Channels On YouTube

This week we take a deep dive into the commentary channel sub culture on YouTube and explore the reasons why people are attracted to this style of content and what unique challenges channels of this nature will encounter within their career. Welcome ...


 2018-11-19  34m

episode 87: LYE 87: Defy Media & The Split Of Jake Paul And Erica Costell

Jerika is no more. That's right the bedrock that featured heavily in Shane Dawsons "The Mind Of Jake Paul Series" has been dislodged which raises a whole host of questions about the validity of the truths uncovered in the series. We also...


 2018-11-12  38m

episode 86: LYE 86: What Is My Exit Plan From YouTube?

Marzia Bisognin recently informed her 7.5 million YouTube subscribers that this video would be her last. After that she deleted all videos apart from six and is now effectively retired as a YouTuber. This week we dissect this decision and what it means...


 2018-11-05  29m

episode 85: LYE 85: Stefanie Giesinger

Joining us in the booth this week is Germany's very own Stefanie Giesinger! Five years on since winning Germany's Next Top Model we chat about that experience and how it prepared Stefanie for the "real world" of modelling and the im...


 2018-10-29  40m

episode 84: LYE 84: What Are The Issues Surrounding Child YouTubers?

You may not realise it but there is a kids industry on YouTube and Ryan's Toys Reviews is just the tip of the iceberg. There are kids presenting youtube channels participating in challenges, cook offs and even skits. One thing is clear. Toddlers d...


 2018-10-22  31m

episode 83: LYE 83: Are YouTubers And Influencers Responsible When Brand Deals Go Wrong?

This is your message to confirm your trip to the digital world for the next thirty five minutes (if you listen to the whole episode... if you don't, why not?) so strap in for a rollercoaster ride as we bring you up to speed with the latest in the ...


 2018-10-15  35m

episode 82: LYE 82: How Different Are You Online Compared to IRL?

Does the amount of followers you have online define who you are on social media? This is the question we explore in this weeks instalment of Lower Your Expectations where we also look at the motives behind our actions online. What drives us to post the...


 2018-10-08  36m

episode 81: LYE 81: Shane Dawson, Jake Paul and What It Was Like Uploading My First YouTube Video

First things first... thankyou you guys so much for four million downloads! We love recording episodes for you and when we hit milestones like this it really makes us appreciate the community we have going with #LYE Enough with the gushy stuff I imag...


 2018-10-01  37m