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      episode 619: Liquid Steak

      • MacBook Pro gets a spec bump and a "quieter" keyboard
      • Siri gets a new boss
      • Apple execs get a Memoji makeover
      • Apple gets sued over Do Not Disturb

      Picks of the Week

      • Alex's Pick: Video Compression Handbook
      • Andy's Pick: LiquidText for iOS
      • Leo's Pick:

      Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, Alex Lindsay, and Rene Ritchie

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      episode 618: App Store Turns 10

      • Apple gets serious about passwords.
      • iOS 11.4.1 USB Restricted Mode keeps the police out of your iPhone, unless they know this hack.
      • Apple still uses Intel for 5G chips, no matter what you heard.
      • New Russian MacBooks and iPads?
      • The App Store turns 10: how it changed the world.

      Picks of the Week:

      • Rene's Pick: Ridge Wallet
      • Andy's Pick: Xero Hana Shoes
      • Alex's Pick: Summer Spotify Playlist
      • Leo's Pick: Tool...



      episode 617: I Lost My Car at the Liquor Store

      • Apple slowly rebuilds Maps with their own data - without sacrificing your pirivacy.
      • Who is reading your email? And, more importantly, who is writing sensationalist headlines about it?
      • iOS 12 and macOS Mojave betas: they are called "beta" for a reason, folks.
      • Is the Mac line withering away?
      • Apple's plans for a music/tv/news bundle.
      • DIY nerve gas detector with iPhone and Lego.
      • Pikachu is hiding in the tall grass!

      Picks of...



      episode 616: We're Keeping Shatner

      • How to use Memoji on your iPhone 10 with the new iOS 12 Beta.
      • How to set up Siri Suggestions in iOS 12.
      • No, hackers cannot brute force hack your iPhone passcode.
      • Apple will fix your jammed butterfly keyboard for free.
      • Where the heck is the AirPower wireless charger?
      • Apple News unveils a new midterm election section.
      • Apple orders more TV, this time from the makers of "The Big Sick".
      • Woes at Intel

      Picks of the...



      episode 615: Knotty Pine Futures

      • Rene Ritchie's favorite things at WWDC 2018
      • iOS update will block GrayKeyUSB access to iPhones, hackers say they have a workaround to the update.
      • iOS 12 will share emergency location data with 911
      • Apple Park employees all get standing desks
      • Free Summer 2018 Apple Camp reservations now open, sign up before they fill up!
      • Apple fined $6.8 Million in Australia
      • Oprah joins Apple TV, the animation studio behind The Secret of Kells to follow...



      episode 614: 3D Don't Lie

      • BBEdit is back on the Mac App Store! Rich Siegel joins us to talk about how Apple is reaching out to developers.
      • Speaking of developers and the Mac, we are very excited about the macOS Mojave announcements from WWDC.
      • How do Apple's new ARKit2 features in iOS 12 compare to Google's AR Core? Lory Gil was at both WWDC and Google I/O, so she has a unique perspective
      • How Siri Shortcuts will add new capabilities to iOS for tweakers and normies alike
      • Apple...


       2018-06-13  2h4m

      episode 613: Finder Love

      All the news from Apple's 2018 World Wide Developers Conference.

      • macOS Mojave: dark mode, App Store, and iOS Apps on macOS
      • iOS12: Memoji, ARKit2, and Siri Suggestions
      • watchOS 5: Walkie-Talkie, workout detection, and automatic Siri
      • tvOS 12: zero sign-on and Dolby Atmos support

      Tips and Picks:

      • Andy's Pick: Anker SoundCore Nano
      • Mikah's Pick: Mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit

      Hosts: Leo Laporte and Andy...


       2018-06-06  2h15m

      episode 612: A Walmart in a Walmart

      • A week before WWDC, HomePod finally gets all the features promised at WWDC 2017
      • How to turn on messages in iCloud • Verdict: Samsung owes Apple half a billion dollars. Is the endless patent lawsuit over?
      • Apple's new GDPR privacy portal: find out what Apple knows about you \
      • Steam Link removed from the iOS App Store for "business conflicts"
      • Court findings reveal the truth behind "Bendgate"
      • Andy's Pick: Photolemur
      • Rene's Pick: L...


       2018-05-30  1h54m

      episode 611: C7 to Edison

      Apple removes CallKit Apps from Chinese App Store. Rumors of a cheaper "Beats" HomePod. WWDC Keynote invitations go out. Amazon sells facial recognition tech to law enforcement. New Animoji Karaoke ad. Apple Music hits 50 million subs. Apple's Virginia and North Carolina plans.

      • Andy's Pick: Right angle charge plug adapter
      • Alex's Pick: Filmic Pro
      • Rene's Pick: FLOVEME irridescent iPhone case
      • Leo's Pick: Ilija Cvetkocski Ringtones and Alarms


       2018-05-22  1h50m

      episode 610: The Butterfly Effect

      The advantages of closed vs open systems. Controlling Alexa and Siri with ultrasound. Apple's massive profits. Lawsuits loom over butterfly keyboards. Make your iPhone look like an original iMac. Tim Cook tells Duke grads to Think Different.
      • Lory's Pick: Oculus Go
      • Andy's Picks: Apple Lisa Twiggy Disk and TCL Series 6 4K HDR TV
      • Alex's Pick: Chef's Table on Netflix
      • Leo's Pick: GoPro Fusion

      Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, and Alex Lindsay



       2018-05-16  1h52m