Macro Musings with David Beckworth

Hosted by David Beckworth of the Mercatus Center, Macro Musings is a podcast which pulls back the curtain on the important macroeconomic issues of the past, present, and future.

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Markus Brunnermeier on *The Resilient Society*

The COVID-19 crisis has taught us the best means of preparing for unforeseeable economic shocks in the future is to build policy with resilience in mind.



Ajmal Ahmady on the Afghan Economy and the Challenges Facing the Nation’s Future

The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban has presented the country with numerous monetary and fiscal challenges, and the future path of the economy remains unclear.



Peter Stella on the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level

The relationships between monetary and fiscal policy, money, and inflation can be better understood in light of the fiscal theory of the price level.



Robert Orr on Supply Side Bottlenecks in the US Healthcare System and Solutions for Reform

Increasing the supply of doctors and other medical practitioners is one way to reduce costs and stymie supply bottlenecks in the American healthcare industry.



George Selgin on Bitcoin and the Future of CBDCs

The future of a US CBDC might involve fintechs having access to the Fed Master Account.


 2021-10-25  47m

Peter Conti-Brown on the Fed Trading Scandal, the Fed Chair Nomination Process, and Central Bank Governance

The recent trading scandal within the Federal Reserve system has raised a number of legal concerns, and this may have a lasting impact on Fed governance moving forward.


 2021-10-18  53m

Scott Sumner on The Money Illusion

Using level targeting and real market indicators as guideposts for monetary policy may be the best ways forward for a more stable economy.


 2021-10-11  50m

Chris Russo on the 2021 Debt Limit Fight, Its Potential Impacts, and Solutions for Reform

The ongoing congressional fight over the debt limit poses many economic dangers, but there are a number of possible solutions that the government could consider.


 2021-10-04  53m

Hanno Lustig on Dollar Dominance, Dollar Safety, and the Global Financial Cycle

The US’s status as the world’s supplier of safe assets can help explain why its exorbitant privilege in money markets continues to persist.


 2021-09-27  51m

Megan Greene on the Future of CBDC and How Central Banks Should Respond to Climate Change

Climate change poses a unique threat to central bank mandates, and monetary policy may have a role to play in mitigating this ongoing environmental disaster.


 2021-09-20  53m