Macro Musings with David Beckworth

Hosted by David Beckworth of the Mercatus Center, Macro Musings is a podcast which pulls back the curtain on the important macroeconomic issues of the past, present, and future.

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Adam Posen on *The Price of Nostalgia: America's Self-Defeating Economic Retreat*

Protecting manufacturing jobs benefits only a small percentage of the workforce, while imposing substantial costs on the rest.



Judge Glock on The Origins of the US Mortgage Market and Its Evolution to the Present Day

Early 1900s agrarian society helped shape the American mortgage market, leading to a government policy response that has had a lasting impact to this day.



Christina Parajon Skinner on Central Bank Activism

Viewing central bank activism along a spectrum of legitimacy presents a novel framework for policymakers to strike the optimal balance between monetary and macro prudential policy.



Robert McCauley on the Global Domain of the Dollar and Threats to Its Dominance

Eight questions on the markets, myths, and macrofinancial policy surrounding the global domain of the dollar.



Antonio Fatás on Hysteresis and the Business Cycle

Unifying the analysis of business cycles and growth theory may present a new paradigm for thinking about hysteresis in the economy.



Matteo Maggiori on the Global Capital Allocation Project, Exorbitant Privilege, and Dollar Runs

In a world with multiple reserve currencies and long-run fiscal imprudence, severe runs on the financial system could be a major threat to the health of the global macroeconomy.


 2021-04-12  58m

Scott Skyrm on the Dynamics of the Repo Market in 2021

Changes in overnight repo rates can be anticipated by tracking how much Treasury debt is being issued on net, and how much the Fed is going to buy.


 2021-04-05  47m

Ed Nelson on Milton Friedman’s Legacy, the Quantity Theory of Money, and His Vision for a Money Supply Growth Rule

Milton Friedman made many significant contributions to monetarist thought throughout his life, and many of those contributions could be applied to macroeconomic policy today.


 2021-03-29  57m

Dan Awrey on *Unbundling Banking, Payments and Money*

Amending the Federal Reserve Act to grant non-bank financial institutions access Fed master accounts would be an important first step that enhances competition, innovation, and inclusion in the banking industry.


 2021-03-22  57m

Chris Russo on Existing Fed-Treasury Tensions and Potential Solutions for Fixing Them

The plumbing of monetary policy has become a massive tug-of-war between the Fed and the Treasury, but there are a number of possible solutions to help ease these tensions.


 2021-03-15  56m