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episode 254: Birthday Boy Toy

Al makes Peg stop her constant shopping by taking his card away from her and electrifying the phone so that she cannot place any orders. Meanwhile, it's Jefferson's 40th birthday and he has to accept he is no longer a young man and Marcy may one day ...



episode 253: A Babe in Toyland

When Kelly becomes successful on a kid's television show, she becomes a total bitch and control freak. Her manager, Bud, decides Princess Kelly should be taught a lesson she will not forget. Meanwhile, Al tries to avoid sharing a bed with Peg by sawi...



episode 252: Live Nude Peg

Peggy, jealous that Al is spending all his time at The Jiggly Room, decides to try out on amateur night while Al and the No Ma'am boys judge it. She wins the competition dressed as a harem girl named Jasmin, wearing a veil over her face. Al is turned on ...



episode 251: Breaking Up Is Easy to Do: Part 3

Al is having difficulty adjusting to being single. Marcy is more than happy to share with him that Peg is having a dinner party with a millionaire. Al doesn't believe it, so Marcy tells him that what Peg really wants is for Al to come to the dinner party...



episode 250: Breaking Up Is Easy to Do: Part 2

Al makes true of his threat to move out. But what about custody of the two TVs? The kids Al leaves to Peg. In foresight, he has hidden a nest egg in a secret compartment in the toilet seat. Peg becomes depressed, but the kids decide to find themselves a ...


 2022-10-26  1h54m

episode 249: Breaking Up Is Easy to Do: Part 1

Al agrees to let Peg invite the Darcy's and Griff (plus one) to an evening party in exchange for a month of no sex. As a party game, the pairs test their knowledge of the other half. Unfortunately, Al has forgotten the most romantic night between him and...


 2022-10-19  1h53m

episode 248: T*R*A*S*H

Jefferson has joined the National Guard. He tells Al and Griff of the benefits: for one weekend per month, one gets to party with a bunch of guys and even get paid for it. Of course, you have to pass basic training first, but even that has a benefit. One...


 2022-10-12  2h4m

episode 247: Grime and Punishment

Since Bud is actually earning money, Al starts charging rent for the basement. Bud and Al sign a lease and Bud pays his rent, after which he claims that the "apartment" is in need of repair. A health inspector declares the basement condemned and gives hi...


 2022-10-05  1h46m

episode 246: Bud on the Side

When Al finds out that Bud and Gary are dating, he and Griff decide to take advantage of the situation like a break room. Facebook Group: YouTube Channel:


 2022-09-28  1h49m

E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney) Interview

The Married with Children Podcast is absolutely thrilled to talk to Ed Bell this week, known professionally as E.E. Bell, who played Bob Rooney on Married with Children from Seasons 8 through 11.  In fact, his character was NO MA'AM's treasurer!   Ed was...


 2022-09-21  1h59m