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Mason and Ireland HR 3: Never Seen It

Now it's time for the greatest radio segment in history: "Fast Track!" During "Fast Track," the crew was asked who they think are the biggest 3 movie stars in the world right now, then, Mason's "line" dropped. Also, Crosstalk with "Sliwa After Sunset.



Mason and Ireland HR 2: Let's Get A New Dog!

Ireland brought his mother on the show to get Mason to convince her to get a new dog. And, did celebrities "miss the mark" on "Imagine" remake? Also, comedian Frank Caliendo came on with all of his impressions to give us a laugh while most of us are in



Mason and Ireland HR 1: More Changes

The LA Rams loss Greg Zuerlein to the Dallas Cowboys but gain Michael Brockers back from a bad deal with the Baltimore Ravens, so the guys reacted. Also, does Mason really like the Rams' new logo? Plus, WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page came on to t



Mason and Ireland HR 3: What's Your Favorite?

Lately, "Fast Track" has been the whole third hour of the show, and today was no different. The crew talked about their 3 favorite songs and played a game of "What's Faster?" And, Crosstalk with "Sliwa After Dark."



Mason and Ireland HR 2: A King-Sized Guest

Broadcasting Legend Larry King came on to talk about how he's handling quarantine and how much he just misses sports. Also, the guys can't believe ESPN isn't releasing the new Michael Jordan documentry any time soon. And, reaction to MLB Commishioner R



Mason and Ireland HR 1: LeBron Says

LeBron James had many things to say on the "Road Trippin'" Podcast, so Mason and Ireland reacted to what "the King" said. Also, LA Lakers Guard Avery Bradley called in to talk about what he's doing while in quarantine and how he's keeping in shape. And



Mason and Ireland HR 3: Crack A Cold One

"Fast Track" kicked off the 3rd hour as they talked about if life as we know it "changed" with delivery services and who is the all-time funniest comedians. Also, Ireland's favorite curveball, "the Uber Facts game." And, Crosstalk with "Sliwa After Dark



Mason and Ireland HR 1: Mr. White

Ireland suspects that the crew has been cheating on the "Fast Track" games. And, talk on a divorce rates "spiking" in New York because of the quarantine. Plus, Actor Bryan Cranston called in to talk about how he's handling the quarantine and how much h



Mason and Ireland HR 2: Q & A Time

The guys started off their 2nd hour with some Q & A on Twitter. They were asked about anything and everything from what "strand" does Mason like and if Ireland burped on the air. Also, what is McDonald's doing?



Mason and Ireland HR 3: Happy Long Hour

Now it's time for 5 o'clock "Fast Track!" The crew talked about what is their greatest sports moment and where could Cam Newton land, now he is a free agent. And, Crosstalk with "Sliwa After Dark."