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Mason and Ireland HR 3: MVP Talk

Steve and Brian talked about the MVP race and how there isn't a "clear cut" frontrunner so far halfway through the season. Also, Mason talks about going to NOBU last weekend and what celebrities he saw. And, "Fast Track," including "the Rat Game." And



Mason and Ireland HR 2: No Interest

Why is are the NBA's ratings going down? Mase and B-Kam had some theories. And, ESPN's Ramona Shelburne came on to talk about some of the NBA's hottest topics. Plus, our own Jorge Sedano came on to talk about his white turtleneck and the Lakers.



Mason and Ireland HR 1: Any Needs?

With the Lakers winning their 36th game of the season, Mason and Brian Kamenetzky wondered if the Lakers have to "shake it up" to win a title. Also, would you play for the Lakers or the Clippers? Plus, reaction to the new "it couple" in Hollywood.



Mason and Ireland HR 3: Changing Of The Old Guard

Lindsey explains who is Brandon Staley, the new Defensive Coordinator of the LA Rams and his strange journey from Division III Football to the NFL. And, the "5th Row Friday" game. Also, "Fast Track" with weird food habits and the "King Game."



Mason and Ireland HR 2: Different Voice

ESPN's Doug Glanville came on to talk about the scandal that's rocking MLB and how MLB can put this controversy behind them. Also, an update on "Mythical Money." And, what grade do you give the Lakers in the 1st Half of the NBA Season?



Mason and Ireland HR 1: Changes

With John out, Mason, Brian Kamenetzky and Lindsey Thiry opened the show talking about all the various changes going on with the LA Rams, after they missed the playoffs. Plus, some talk on the MLB "Sign-Stealing" scandal. And, a discussion on the Laker



Mason and Ireland HR 3: Say what

The boys were still all over the "Sign-Stealing" scandal, as they reacted more to Jessica Mendoza's comments on "Golic and Wingo." Also, "Fast Track," with the "Alumni Game." And, "Purgatory" with Brian Kamenetzky and Ben Lyons.



Mason and Ireland HR 1: Another One!

The guys opened up the show reacting to the 3rd MLB Manager that got fired this week for their role in the "Sign-Stealing" scandal. Also, was Jose Altuve wearing a "device" during the 2019 Playoffs? And, the fellas think that there could be more damagi



Mason and Ireland HR 2: Straight From The Source

The man himself: Jimmy from Jonboy Media came on to talk about how his findings on the "Sign-Stealing" scandal led to the all the firings and suspensions in Major League Baseball. And, why the heck is Alex Caruso #4 in the Western Conference All-Star vo



Mason and Ireland HR 3: From The Desk Of Lakers' Twitter

Steve brought up the crazy theory that Steve Ballmer is "paying" NBA writers to say good things about the Clippers. Also, "Fast Track," with the "Uber Facts game."