Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social

Twice a week, godless Las Vegas comedians Matt Donnelly and Paul Mattingly take on the news and issues of the day/week and end each episode debating a Jock vs. Nerd issue of the week/century. Matt Donnelly, co host on Penn Jillette's "Penn's Sunday School" podcast, and Paul Mattingly, co-host of the "Geek Shock" and "The Ugly Couch Show" podcasts combine to form a Voltron of hilarity. So in a drastic stretch of the imagination- this podcast is a Las Vegas Super Podcast. Ice Cream Social: Dessert For Your Ears

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h37m. Bisher sind 664 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint alle 3 Tage

Episode 014: Sex (Shop) Customers

Inside sex toy purchases from an expert.


 2014-05-01  1h26m

Episode 013: Hey Scoops! Donald Sterling and Juggalos!

Jock Vs. Nerd: Rich racist skirt chasing Donald Sterling VS Atari dumpster chasing treasure trash, ET.


 2014-04-30  1h14m

Episode 012: Dr. Cease and Prof. Desist teach Matt and Paul a very valubale lesson.

Plus, Paul's 2 rules for surviving the apocolyse- not how to, but whether to!


 2014-04-25  1h7m

Episode 011: World Series of Comedy Host Steven Roberts: Interview

Jock Vs. Nerd: Biblical Defensive Player of the Year Vs. MST3000 Return


 2014-04-23  1h12m

Episode 010: Crack Head Stephen Colbert Impersonator

Jock Vs Nerd: Black baseball player numbers and the false return of Firefly.


 2014-04-18  1h10m

Episode 009: Mothra Attacks Ice Cream Social!

Jock Vs Nerd: Pro Football player spent "4 years a slave"? Vs. He Man Movie!


 2014-04-17  1h7m

Episode 008: Cirque Clown, Eric Jeffers Interview

Paul and Matt lay into Eric Jeffers for being the dirty Cirque Clown he is.


 2014-04-10  1h7m

Episode 007: Sword Fights Across America!

The boys discuss torturing their childhood toys. Does American Pie hold up, do people fuck pies and what pie would people fuck if they did.


 2014-04-10  1h5m

Episode 006: Eric Dittleman, AGT Magician/Mentalist: Interview

Paul and Matt interview "Mind Reader", Magician, and Comedian- Eric Dittleman.


 2014-04-01  1h17m

Episode 005: To Catch a Hooker. (And get back your watch).

Jock Vs. Nerd: #CancelCorbert stirs Redskins Rage and Jean Claude Van Damme's peculiar absence from Mortal Combat.


 2014-04-01  1h2m