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God's View of Love and Marriage

Most people when they get married have an idea of what they want marriage to be without having any plan for having a great marriage or making marriage work. Often marriages fail because there is no plan or real understanding of marriage. But God has...


 March 30, 2022  28m

Ending The Cycle of Father Wounds

Dr. Jim Slaughter sits down to chat with Bob Reccord about men's father wounds and how most men have them. Wounds happen in all kinds of relationships, but perhaps none are more potentially damaging that those caused by "friendly fire" from those...


 August 21, 2021  40m

Part 2 Grizzly Attack Wild Awakening

Part 2 of Jim's interview with Greg Matthews about his Grizzly Attack. Greg's own word: "I thought I understood how to pursue real purpose in life as a man, until I was certain the next breath would be my last. It was in that moment I came to a...


 June 27, 2021  27m

Part 1 Grizzly Attack Wild Awakening

Grizzly Attack! Miracle! Greg Matthews, Iraq War Veteran, 9/11 first responder and Homeland Security Counter-Terrorism Officer, found himself face to face with the most vicious antagonist he had ever faced--a 600 pound grizzly bear who stalked,...


 June 21, 2021  28m

Fathers Loving Well

Being a dad is a challenging full-time job. Sometimes dads feel like they have missed the mark, but Ephesians 6:4 provides biblical guidance for how to love well as a father. Be sure to like and subscribe to my social media page....


 June 5, 2021  12m

Joseph A Model For Men

A good husband and father figure is hard to find in the scriptures. We find more about what they shouldn't be than what they should be. We see absent men, we see indulgent men, we even see mentally ill men and the outcome is never good. But, to me,...


 April 12, 2021  24m

1st Peter - The Missing Ingredient For Loving Well

Marriages often struggle because one ingredient is missing. Dr. Slaughter discusses this missing ingredient that the apostle Peter highlights in his instruction to husbands (1 Peter 3:7). Listen in. It may surprise you. Be sure to like and subscribe...


 March 15, 2021  25m

Part 2 Qualities of True Manhood

Dr. Jim Slaughter continues his challenge to men to consider what it really takes to be a man. He dismantles stereotypes and identifies the characteristics of true masculinity. Be sure to like and subscribe to my social media page....


 September 2, 2020  15m

P.T.S.D.: Overcoming the Effects of Severe Life Trauma

Dr. Slaughter interviews Greg Matthews and Dr. John King about their severe trauma experiences and resulting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Greg and John, P.T.S.D. experts, discuss the impact of severe trauma and share how they have worked to...


 September 1, 2020  20m

Part 1 Qualities of True Manhood

Dr. Jim Slaughter's two- part series looking at qualities that make a man a man. Stereotypes abound when it comes to deciding what makes a man a man. Is it how old he is? How tough he is? How wealthy he is? Jim shows us masculinity from a biblical...


 August 26, 2020  19m