Men Loving Well with Dr. Jim Slaughter

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Hosea's Sacrificial Love

We live in a world awash in love stories. Most of them are lies. They are lust stories, sex-fantasy stories, domination stories. From the cradle we are fed lies about love. This messes up human relationships and God-relationships. The reality of all...


 May 6, 2020  27m

A Shepherd's Song

The Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament records one of the most stunning events of all time, the announcement by angels of the birth of Jesus Christ to shepherds in the hills of Bethlehem. Join Dr. Jim Slaughter as he tells the story through the...


 December 25, 2019  28m

Christmas Revelation

1. Dr Slaughter gives a wonderful Christmas review of added clues that the Bible gives from beginning to the end about who the Messiah will be, how he will come and what he will do. 2. Beautiful Christmas Song from Pentatonix. 3. The Worship of the...


 December 13, 2019  28m

Christmas Welcome

Christmas is coming fast, faster than you may think or even want. More on the story of Christmas via Dr. Jim Slaughter. Listen closely to the podcast and you will hear a tale that you will never forget and will want to share with family and friends....


 December 5, 2019  26m

Thanksgiving Story

Ask most Americans what they think of first when Thanksgiving Day roles around and you will likely hear the words turkey, pumpkin pie, family, and maybe even---pilgrims. But how did this all start? Here is part of the story of God's blessing in...


 November 28, 2019  19m

Making Your House a Christian Home

Dr. Slaughter teaches how the Christian Home is not merely a dwelling place. We need to realize that the Christian home is much more than simply a house with Christian accoutrements. Let us consider some of the factors of a Christian Home as the Bible...


 October 10, 2019  13m

Keeping Kids Safe

Dr. John A. King was sex trafficked as a child in Australia by his own family. He has devoted his life to Keeping Kids Safe. Dallas, TX is now #1 in sex-trafficking in the whole world. How is that possible? You will learn from John how and why we must...


 July 28, 2019  28m

Humility Living Like A Vagabond

When we take a long deep look inside, we identify with James and John. These are the disciples who came to Jesus with a request for stardom, recognition, power and glory. Their story shines a spotlight on our own hearts showing us a part of ourselves...


 April 1, 2019  27m

How Men Can Love Their Wives Well

"Why do men have such a hard time loving well?" Dr Jim Slaughter share his interview on KBDT. Jim shares why he feels men struggle with loving and showing the ones they love how much they really care. He also gives tips and insights to men to help...


 March 4, 2019  30m

How to Love Your Wife on Valentine's Day

Dr. Slaughter gives ideas and insights on How to Love Your Wife Well on Valentine's Day. Valentines Day is a day for lovers to share romantic love. There are 364 days for men to prepare every year but men seem genuinely surprised when it comes. We...


 February 14, 2019  26m