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episode 32: Daniel O'Donohue (#2): Building Mapscaping: the Biggest Geospatial Podcast, Finding What to Do in Life & Mentorship - MBM #32

Daniel O'Donohue is the host of the Mapscaping Podcast, the biggest geospatial podcast out there. Over the past 5 years and 180 episode Daniel has talked to hundreds of professionals in the geospatial industry. This is his 2nd time on the podcast, since last time the podcast has grown, he's become a close friend, and recently quit his job


 2022-11-01  1h36m

episode 31: Joshua Stevens - Visualising NASA's Satellite Imagery - MBM #31

Joshua Stevens is the Lead Visualiser at NASA's Earth Observatory. Him & his team works on making satellite imagery more accessible to the general public by making visualisation of common imagery like Landsat or MODIS.


 2022-10-15  1h0m

episode 30: Steve Coast: Discussing the Future of Maps & Tech with the Founder of OpenStreetMap (& why he thinks maps will disappear) - MBM #30

Steve Coast is the Founder of OpenStreetMap, one of the most successful open source projects; started in 2004 and now used everywhere from Apple's Maps, Mapbox and even Pokemon Go recently. Steve has worked at places like Microsoft, TomTom, Telenav & Digital Globe.


 2022-10-01  2h56m

episode 29: Muthu Kumar & Aleksander Buczkowski: Building an Independent Media over the long term: Geoawesomeness - MBM #29

Muthu Kumar & Aleksander Buczkowski are the Editor-In-Chief & Managing Editor (and creators) of the Geoawesomeness website, which has been running as an independent geospatial media for the past 11 years.


 2022-09-15  1h38m

episode 28: Kevin Pomfret: Ethics Isn't Enough & The Case For Geospatial Law - MBM #28

Kevin Pomfret is a Space and Spatial Corporate and Transaction Attorney at Williams Mullen and one of the references in terms of Law around spatial data & within the geospatial community more globally.


 2022-09-01  1h12m

episode 27: Jeffrey Lewis: The Work of an Open Source Intelligence Researcher: Keeping Goverments Accountable - MBM #27

Jeffrey Lewis is a Professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey and one of the most influential people in the Open Source Intelligence Community. He is also the host of the "Arms Control Wonk" podcast.


 2022-08-15  2h29m

episode 26: Jean-Martin Bauer: How Data Enables the World Food Program to Effectively Feed a Country - MBM #26

Jean Martin Bauer is the Country Director for the World Food Programme in Haiti, where his job is in simple terms to ensure the population does not run out of food. This conversation focuses on the use of data - specifically satellite imagery & maps - and how it helps feed the country.


 2022-08-01  1h19m

episode 25: Indra Den Bakker - Overstory & Tackling Climate by Monitoring Vegetation with Satellite Data - MBM #25

Indra Den Bakker is the CEO & Co-Founder of Overstory, a company providing vegetation information to electric utility companies about the state of (mostly) trees around power lines by using high resolution satellite imagery. This can lead to prevention of wildfires by finding hazardous vegetation before it falls on a line.


 2022-07-15  1h39m

episode 24: Catherine Nakalembe - Food in Stores Isn't Enough: Food Security in Africa - MBM #24

Dr Catherine Nakalembe is an Associate Research Professor at University of Maryland and the Program Head of NASA Harvest Africa. We talk about some of her work on using satellite imagery for Food Security in her home country of Uganda & how she got into this field in the first place.


 2022-07-01  1h36m

episode 23: Emily Darling & Kim Fisher - The Challenges of Mapping Coral Reefs When Satellites Can't See Them - #MBM 23

Emily Darling & Kim Fisher both work at the Wildlife Conservation Society, respectively as the Director of Coral Reef & as Spatial Analyst. They have developed MERMAID, a platform enabling coral reef scientists to aggregate & share their data together. One of the main challenges they tackle being most measurements need to happen in the field as opposed to being able to leverage satellite imagery.


 2022-06-15  1h35m