Minister's Toolbox

Created for the pastor or minister who serves their church and community each day. Church work can be challenging, so we provide tools you'll need to succeed. Each week, Minister's Toolbox addresses practical topics that are seldom discussed. In addition, we interview ministers from time to time who share insights about how they overcame challenges to enjoy what they do.



episode 110: Why Discernment Is Something You Cannot Do Without

One key reason people do not follow many leaders is their lack of discernment. What is this important character trait? Can you learn it? What happens to ministries that fail to use discernment? During the podcast, I invited you to give us an honest...


 2018-11-05  14m

episode 109: Overcoming Depression: Ken Gray Shares His Powerful Testimony

Ken Gray Shares His Journey Through Depression to Victory


 2018-10-22  19m

episode 108: What Is Your Promised Land?

You have a vision for ministry anchored by the promises God has given to you. Peter told us that these and other promises enable us to become partakers of God's character and nature. How do the promises God gave you become a present reality?


 2018-07-11  14m

episode 107: Who Do You Think You Are? Part Two Dealing With Spiritual Authority

We continue our discussion about spiritual authority. How does it function through you in your church? What is legitimate authority and when should it be exercised? During the podcast, I mentioned my books. I also shared an upcoming book to be used as...


 2018-06-06  14m

episode 106: Who Do You Think You Really Are? (Part One)

How much authority should pastors use to fulfill God's mandates for their ministry? What does genuine spiritual authority look like and why is it that few pastors understand it? If we are unsure whom God has called us to be, we will also be unclear...


 2018-05-15  14m

episode 105: How To Attract New People To Your Church

Jesus gave a very specific strategy for attracting new people to our churches. During today's podcast, I share the secret in plain sight which will yield results if followed.


 2018-04-11  16m

episode 104: The Fatal Flaw In Denominationalism

One attribute guaranteed to destroy any church of any size operates in stealth mode.


 2018-03-29  14m

episode 103: EP 103: What Is Your Template For Ministry?

Templates are forms that help us be efficient with our time and presentation of the gospel. They can also become great hindrances to the activity of the Holy Spirit in our churches. How do we use templates in a way that glorify God and thus enhance...


 2018-03-07  14m

episode 102: How To Find New Leaders In Your Church

Anyone can select new leaders. That is easy. However, choosing the right people for leadership is critical. Failure to put the right people on the bus according to Jim Collins (Good To Great) can and will destroy any organization or church. How do we...


 2018-02-20  14m

episode 101: How To Build God's Kingdom Instead Of Your Own

Jesus told Peter that upon his confession of faith, He would build HIS Church. Without realizing it, most pastors are building their own kingdoms, not God's. How can I say that? During the podcast, I will share the unmistakable reason why this is...


 2018-02-01  16m