Mostly Speakin' Sentai

Join Nicole and James, long-time best friends who kiss each other, as they share their genuine, earnest love of the Super Sentai series with fellow Chicago musicians, comedians, podcasters, artists, and friends! No snobbery here. No correcting each other. Just love, happiness, and many goofs while they're mostly speakin' Sentai! Watch along with them, completely free and legal at or through the TubiTV app on RokuTV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, xBox One, and PS3/PS4!

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PATREON FEED DROP - Engaged With Nicolas Cage EP 16: "Deadfall (1993)"

Hey, all! It's the holidays so we're gifting you Patreon exclusives in the free feed while we gift ourselves with a little break! Enjoy our discussion of 1993's "Deadfall"! Hear more over at Patreon...



Episode 134: "Stepping on a Pencil: Yes or No?" w/ Sam "Komatose" Rocha!

It's a BIG one this week, and not just because we watched episode 7 of Fiveman entitled "The 45m Grade Schooler"! It's that our guest is a horrorcore legend! Coming to us from Omaha, curtesy of Cutthroat Productions, we have the amazing Sam "Komatose" Rocha on the show! Join us as we discuss coffee instructions, Hippo Dash, Butterfingers, Mic Stan, "I, Madman", pumpkins, Mr...



Episode 133: "More Confused than Angry" w/ Proto_Sonic of "That Other Toku Podcast"!

We just don't wanna work today because we watched episode 6 of Fiveman entitled "I Hate Hard Workers"! Luckily, we have returning guest, Proto Sonic, to get us lively as we discuss love stabs, proposals, workplace pooping, reading emailed instructions, iTunes ratings, ear rings, Scooby-Doo chapter books, the ending of Final Fantasy 8 on YouTube, Australia, kangaroos, Dark Phoenix, welding, swords, "Ring 0: Birthday", the teacher's lounge, & more!

Listen to Proto_Sonic on "That...



Episode 132: "Even God Can Die By Fire" w/ Melzer!

It's all about eggs today because we watched episode 5 of Fiveman entitled "Orphaned Galactic Egg"! And much like eggs reuniting with their parents, we're joined again by long time MSS guest Melzer of the Morph Bots, Todd Grobin's Going Away Party, Muscular Clown, & more! Listen along as we discuss Little Clint, changing last names, Jack Kirby, Kenosha, the death penalty, high school fashion, space urns, looking back at Carranger, baby carriages, giant babies, big dogs, soft meats of a...



PATREON FEED DROP - Talkin' 'Bout Beyblade EP 15: "Blades Giving: Like A Warm Knife Through Meatloaf!"

Howdy, y'all! We're out of town for a bit with no time to record (also due to the holiday of Halloween) but have no fear, we got you covered! Please enjoy a FULL episode of the Patreon exclusive show, Talkin''Bout Beyblade. It's the Blades Giving special, so you're in for a really dumb treat! Want more? Head over to Patreon...



Episode 131: "I'M a Toilet Seat Baby!" w/ Lyssa Cer

It's Halloween 2021! So, as always, we're watching a scary Power Rangers episode, specifically s1e25 entitled "Life's A Masquerade"! Joining us is James' longtime friend, and fellow Horrorcore rapper "Lyssa Cer"! Listen along as we discuss Yahweh, Dragula, alt-reading, imposter syndrome, the hitch hiking story told on episode 13 "Gorma Banksy" of Mostly Speakin' Sentai, horror movies, global warming, creature features, the "Halloween" franchise, cuckolding, unopened toy boxes, community...


 2021-10-28  1h5m

Episode 130: "Mostly Speakin' Sentai's 3rd Year Anniversary!" w/ Caleb Bendit of "Power Rangers Ninja Steel"!!!

We're TODDLERS this week because we turned 3 and we're celebrating in BIG ways! Mainly 'cause our guest this week is one of two of our favorite Power Rangers actors! It's Caleb Bendit, who played Monty in "Power Rangers Ninja Steel"! So join us as we discuss episode 4 of Fiveman entitled "Intoxicate Earth" as well as lung issues, fake IDs, woodland magazines, being a maniac, we play a game of "Inundating IMDB", craft services, New Zeeland snacks, extra credit work,...


 2021-10-21  1h42m

Episode 129: "Family Is About Who's Right!" w/ Steve "Introvoid" Barnes!

Get possessed by the Tiger BLADE today because we watched episode 3 of Fiveman entitled "Challenge! The Galactic Tiger"! Plus, we're joined by metal artist Steve "Introvoid" Barnes! Listen along as we discuss Double Dare physical challenges, the wedding, West Virginia, Kevin Smith, "Chasing Amy", Peninsulas, the podcast "Grifthorse", trench coats, automatic cat feeders, A.P...


 2021-10-14  1h13m

Episode 128: "In Defense of Fiveman"

Court is in session for the case of Fiveman! And we, Nicole & James, are their defense attorneys because today we're starting 1990's "Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman", a Super Sentai series we believe is unjustly put to the side! So join us as we discuss episodes 1 and 2 of Fiveman entitled "The Five Sibling Warriors"& "Father's Payback! Mother's Payback"...


 2021-10-07  1h6m

Episode 127: "Mostly Speakin' Small Soldiers" w/ Corey of "Hit It & Crit It" and "This Existed"!

Happy 30th birthday to JAMES! All he's wanted to do is find an excuse to talk about 1998's "Small Soldiers" on a podcast so, as a birthday gift to him, that's what we're doing! Join us, and long time guest, plus fellow "This Existed" co-host, Corey (@Nomadz101 on Twitch) as chat about this work of American Tokusatsu, plus being 30, spooning Socks, being half sperm, Toy Takedown, bad reviews for Small Soldiers, video games for the franchise, cherry flavored foods, bowling...


 2021-09-30  1h23m