Murder and Mystery in the Last Frontier

Alaska is a land of mystery, danger, stunning beauty, and valuable resources. Over the decades, fortune seekers have been drawn to Alaska in search of gold, oil, fish, and crab. These fortune seekers are usually young men with little to lose and big dreams of becoming rich. Throughout Alaska’s history, a wave of crime has followed each economic boom, and in my podcast, I will tell you these stories of crime while I share a little about the rich cultural history and geography of this complex state I call home.

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Maximum Security Part 2: Bryan Perotti

In 1994, Kristopher Marcy and his friend, Bryan Perotti, managed the unthinkable when they escaped from Spring Creek Correctional Center in Seward, Alaska. When Marcy and Perotti first escaped, the police warned the public to be on the lookout for the ...


 2022-06-28  24m

Maximum Security Part 1: The Brutal Murder of Shirley Koonz

  - Alaska is a dangerous place; many things can kill you here. Vicious predators, extreme temperatures, treacherous terrain, raging rivers, violent storms, and the churning ocean describe a few of the challenges facing humans in the 49th state.


 2022-06-07  21m

Ed Krause – Alaska’s First Serial Killer

Many serial killers have called Alaska home, and if you apply the broadest definition to the term, then serial killers terrorized settlers here long before profilers coined the term “serial killer.” A near-total lack of law enforcement in Alaska in the...


 2022-05-18  27m

Betrayal of Trust: The Murder of Sonya Ivanoff

Recent events have reminded us that we cannot always trust the police to protect us. In the U.S., though, bad policemen and women represent only a small minority of law enforcement. I feel I can turn to the police if I need help,


 2022-04-23  26m

Funny River Bones

Alaska is big; the state spans an area as wide as the distance from California to Florida, and much of the terrain is wild and inhospitable.  Alaska has 39 mountain ranges, 12,000 rivers, 100,000 glaciers, and 3 million lakes.


 2022-03-28  20m

How to Become a Widow

  - Someone entered Buck Hofhines’s Fairbanks home on a bitterly cold January night and shot him seven times. His young bride, Verna, discovered his body, and she appeared shocked and confused. She told the Alaska State Troopers that she didn’t know w...


 2022-03-05  28m

Mystery Swirls Around the Disappearance of Vladimir Kostenko

Alaska Hatcher Pass - Friends and family describe Vladimir Petrovich Kostenko as a seeker, a man searching for the meaning of life and hoping to find his place and purpose in the universe. Alaska, with its raw, untamed wilderness,


 2022-01-18  25m

The Murder of John Hartman and the Fairbanks Four

“You’re trying to fill my brain with things I didn’t do.” Rabinowitz Courthouse, Fairbanks At 2:45 am on October 11th, 1997, three friends in Fairbanks were heading home from a bar when they discovered the badly beaten body of 15-year-old John Ha...


 2021-12-27  27m

The Bethel School Shooting

Before Santa Fe, before Marjory Stoneman Douglas, before Sandy Hook, and even before Columbine, there was Bethel Regional High School in Bethel, Alaska. On February 19, 1997, Evan Ramsey loaded a Mossberg 500 12-gauge shotgun,


 2021-12-03  26m

The Kidnapping and Murder of Amy Sue Patrick

We can never know another person’s thoughts and motivations. Most killers have a reason to commit murder; whether for revenge, jealously, or money, they understand why they killed their victim. Kyung Yoon, though,


 2021-11-10  27m