Mushroom Revival Podcast

A podcast devoted to the wonderful world of fungi. Our eclectic show covers fungi in health & wellness, technology, science, culture and more. Welcome to the Mushroom Revival.


episode 11: Mushrooms of the Himalayas of Nepal with Richard Silber

Our newest guest on the podcast is the executive director at International Mountain Trekking and a co-founder of the Himalayan  Climate & Science Institute Richard Silber. Richard Silber, a mountaineer and biologist leads mushroom trips to the Himalayas in the Khumbu region of Nepal. We talk about leading his first mushroom trips to the Himalayas, the mushrooms they found there, the mycology culture in Nepal, and the mission for the future...


 November 2, 2022  58m

episode 12: Mushroom Material Art with Mari Koppanen

Mycomaterials - from kombucha leather, to mycelial furniture, bags, vests, dyes, functional jewelry and more. We bring on Mari Koppanen, a Finnish designer currently working on her Ph.D. in Artistic Research at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts to talk about all things mushroom art, fashion, decor and even the history and ethnomycology of Amadou aka Fomes fomentarius in Finland and Romania.



 November 11, 2022  44m

episode 13: Building a Mushroom Empire with Tero Isokauppila

TERO ISOKAUPPILA is the founder and CEO of Four Sigmatic. We chat about the history of the business, the challenges of building a mushroom company, advice for other mushroom lovers wanting to turn their passion into something that also pays their bills, mycoremediation, psilocybin, the functional mushroom industry as a whole, and so Mush More...


 November 30, 2022  1h21m

episode 14: Mushrooms in Uganda with Josephine Nakakande

Josephine Nakakande is the bubbly passionate mushroom saint of Uganda empowering thousands of women of Uganda to become mushroom farmers. We chat about mushroom growing in Uganda, training these young girls and women how to start their own mushroom farms, how people can help this incredible project and more. She is one of the founders and the Executive Director of Eco-Agaric Uganda (https://www.ecoagricuganda...


 December 21, 2022  33m