My Fence Life

We are just two guys on a journey to improve our fence businesses – we want to offer the best, most innovative fencing products to our customers while helping our teams become more efficient and productive. We’d also like to continue to improve how we manage our fence businesses. Along the way, we’re hoping to help other fence contractors do the same. We’re Cannon Johnson of Jackson Fence Company, Tennessee and Dan Blanc of Fence King, Louisiana. “It all started when I just joined in on one of Cannon’s Live YouTube sessions, ” admits Dan. “I really just wanted to mess with him. But then we actually started chatting about real issues and how we overcame them.” Dan and Cannon quickly realized that, not only were they benefiting from the conversations, but other fence contractors were chiming in, asking questions, and sharing knowledge. So, My Fence Life has become an open channel of communication, solution sharing, and, sometimes, just a way for fence contractors to vent about their biggest challenges. “I think that we can all be better if we just open up and share what’s happening, ” Cannon stated...

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Ask Me About My Day #21… Dan calls Cannon on Sunday afternoon. They touch on fence signs again and the impact that the sign program is having. They also talk about how running a business is really about doing what needs to be done rather than just talki

Dan calls Cannon on Sunday afternoon after the Saints win and the 49ers lose. After a little catching up, Dan and Cannon touch on fence signs again and the impact that the sign program is having. They also acknowledge that other people are already starting the sign program and that the possibility of a yard sign promo code is in the cards. Dan and Cannon recently had a zoom call with Dan's business coach, Ron. The conversation was an eye-opener for both Cannon and Dan...


 2022-09-12  25m

EXCLUSIVE Testimonial Episode #3 - Thornton Super Summit at the Shangri-La Hotel & Resort in Afton, Oklahoma - Corey Bigelow of C & B Lawncare out Astoria, Oregon tells us about his Day 2 experience!

Dan sits down after the 2nd day of intense business training classes with the Thornton Fence Consulting Group and interviews another attendee, who won the contest for a FREE ride to the coaching session. Corey tells us his story and what he's experienced after the 2nd day of the coaching sessions. If these testimonials don't have you wanting to invest in your business...then we don't know what will!!! Connect with us and our sponsors at (myfencelife...


 2022-09-10  13m

episode 50: Episode FIFTTY - Alex Harris of Fencing Unlimited - Part 2 - Finding a physical location and an address to appease Google - Getting ready to fulfill and install all of the sales and work orders generated from his new location. Plus - Pilot’s licenses, tru

Dan and Cannon give Alex Harris another shot to talk business since they took over last week's conversation. They discuss the trials and tribulations of finding a physical location and an address to use to set up a valid Google Business Listing. Alex is looking for a location from which to operate in Foley, Alabama but would also settle for an address just to get his Google Business Listing up and running...


 2022-09-08  1h57m

Ask Me About My Day #20 John Wathey of Florida Fence Pros - Yard Signs - Door Hangers - Workflow Automations

John gets a call because of a remark he made about his yard signs in the comments of My Fence Life's live show and then the conversation evolves from there into other marketing and sales opportunities!! Connect with us and our sponsors at ( ???? 1) https://linktr...


 2022-09-05  32m

Ask Me About My Day #19 Cannon and Brian Frederickson - 3rd Edition of Fence Magazine, East Coast Ag Fence Rivalry, Tying High Tensile Wire, Building Fence Braces, and Clear Tube Gates

Cannon calls FWA President, Brian Frederickson. This raw and unscripted phone call takes a unique turn when Cannon calls Brian without any warning that the show would be recorded. Brian discusses his time at the East Coast Fence Rivalry, his choice of footwear, and how key takeaways from the event. Brian was really thankful and impressed that the Ag Fence Community taught him how to tie high-tensile wire. Cannon discusses his 75 hard challenge finale...


 2022-09-03  29m

episode 49: Alex Harris Opens An Additional Fencing Unlimited in Foley, Alabama. Dan, Cannon and Alex Start Drinking and Never Really Discuss the Agenda... BUT, They Do Talk About Yard Signs, Bourbon, and Bob Villa Doesn't Know Jack About Fencing Nail Guns and Whole

Alex Haris - a friend of Cannon Johnson through Mr. Fence Academy, joins the My Fence Life Saga. This is Cannon’s first night being able to drink post his 75 Hard sobriety. The hosts and guests end up drinking and really miss the mark on covering the actual agenda. But this is the Fence Life - where it rarely goes as planned. We’re doing this again next week for round 2 with Alex where we will stay more focused and discuss the fence topics we were supposed to...


 2022-09-01  1h36m

Ask Me About My Day #18 It’s Cannon’s Birthday. Cannon and Dan discuss Sales Process, Production Goals, Jelly Roll, and More

Dan gets a call from Cannon Johnson and Cannon demands a Happy Birthday from Dan! The two do a weekend catch-up and discuss what’s news in business. Sales goals, production goals, fuel costs, labor costs, and Jelly Roll. Never know what’s going to be discussed! ???? ????Thank you to our sponsor Southwest Automated Security????Taking dealers to the next level by partnering to create security solutions. https://linktr...


 2022-08-29  32m

Ask Me About My Day #17 - Part 2 - Dan Wheeler and Dan Blanc's Deep Dive Into Everything From P&L's and In Between.

??Caution?? This was recorded on a Friday night and we were a 12pk and 3-4 bourbons in after 2 hours of recording...


 2022-08-27  1h1m

episode 48: MFLQA - Virtual Cattle Fences - Our Fence Industry Rushmore - First Shop and Office Setup - Google Ads Cost per Click

Dan and Cannon do another MFL QandA. Breaking news involving fenceless fences for cattle. Questions from Facebook are answered. Who is on the Mount Rushmore of the fence industry for you? What is the average Cost Per Click for Google and Facebook? What is a recommended software for inventory and invoicing? What is the first thing you would add to a shop or office? ???? 1) https://linktr...


 2022-08-25  57m

Ask Me About My Day #16 - We Learn About mySalesman's Breaking News - JobNimbus Integration - Financing with mySalesman - Pressure Washing Tool - Gutter Tool - New Website and a Complete Software Rewrite

Dan gets a call from Matt Warner and gets a whole lot more than he expected...Wooooo ???? 1) (NEED FENCE FITTINGS? CLICK HERE) 2) ???? for Ozark Fence and Supply 3) CLICK IT 4) Use the PROMO CODE ????MFL15???? - get 15% off and FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA for all purchases over $150 USD! ???? ????Thank you to our sponsor Southwest Automated Security????Taking dealers to the next level by partnering to create security solutions. https://linktr...


 2022-08-22  27m