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Your Weekend Starts Here: Cache Your Cookies, Categorize Your Fun, Put Down Your Phone

We get you ready for the weekend with movies, books and everyone’s favorite thing: a new way to categorize life experiences. Trust us!



Burnout Is For Millennials (And Millennials At Heart)

The millennial generation came into adulthood during an American recession, an era of crushing student loan debt and the rise of temporary workers and independent contractors. Add a global pandemic to that precariousness and you’ve got a perfect recipe f



Surprise! You’re A Genius

You didn’t already know? Nerdette talked with two brand new MacArthur Fellows — also known as MacArthur “geniuses” — about the important work they’re doing and what it’s like to get that phone call. Mary L. Gray is an anthropologist and a media scholar h



Movies, TikTok And Fat Bears! (Oh My!)

What a wild week! And to celebrate the return of another weekend, we assembled a bunch of fun people to take a look back … in a merry, pop culture kind of way, not a CAPS LOCK newsy way. To talk about the big week for movies, we called up Eliana Doc



Cold-Weather Pandemic Advice From An Infectious Disease Expert

The seasons are changing but the novel coronavirus is still with us. And that’s left us with a lot of questions about how to safely socialize with friends and family when the weather makes small outdoor gatherings less viable. So we called up Dr. Em



Gillian Flynn Talks About the Comics, Conspiracies and Pandemics in her new TV Series, 'Utopia'

You know Gillian Flynn as the genre-redefining writer behind Gone Girl, both the 2012 novel and the 2014 movie adaptation starring Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck. Since the success of Gone Girl, Flynn has written only for the screen, including the 20



Book Club: ‘The Shadow King’

Welcome to the Nerdette Book Club! Each month, we read a book and chat about it with a rotating group of panelists. This month’s pick is Maaza Mengiste’s historical novel The Shadow King. It’s based on the true story of the Italian invasion of Ethiopia i


 2020-09-25  41m

Comedy Meets Social Commentary in Hulu's 'Woke'

“I’m not woke. I’m aware.” That’s the answer Chicago comedian T. Murph gives when he’s asked about his relationship to the title of Woke, a new series that dropped on Hulu earlier this month. T. Murph plays the role of Clovis, friend and roommate of Keef


 2020-09-22  22m

How The Bechdel Test Changed This Woman's Career

The Bechdel test asks a simple question: Does a work of fiction have two named female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man? Today we talk with Sarah Kozloff, who was a film professor at Vassar College when she learned that&n


 2020-09-18  17m

Introvert's Guide To The Good Life: How To Bake Away Your Feelings This Fall

Like it or not these seasons are a changing! And that means right now is a great opportunity to embrace flavors from late summer and early fall, and to make a chocolate zucchini cake! We talk with baker and cookbook author Shauna Sever — all about a


 2020-09-15  21m