New Books in Education

Interviews with Scholars of Education about their New Books



episode 184: Joy Lisi Rankin, "A People’s History of Computing in the United States" (Harvard UP, 2018).

Rankin makes a compelling case for a social history of computing...



episode 71: Ahmad Atif Ahmad, "Pitfalls of Scholarship: Lessons from Islamic Studies" (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016)

Ahmad Atif Ahmad’s new book is a unique reflection on the field of Islamic studies...



episode 21: Farina King, "The Earth Memory Compass: Diné Landscapes and Education in the Twentieth Century" (UP of Kansas, 2018)

Farina King argues that education and the creation of “thick” cultural knowledge played, and continues to play, a central role in the survival of Diné culture...



episode 140: Jamal Elias, "Alef is for Allah: Childhood, Emotion, and Visual Culture in Islamic Societies" (U California Press, 2018)

Jamal Elias takes his readers on a riveting intellectual tour thematically centered on the interaction of childhood, visual culture, and affect in contemporary Muslim majority societies, and in Muslim intellectual thought more broadly...



episode 130: Ellen Moore, "Grateful Nation: Student Veterans and the Rise of the Military-Friendly Campus" (Duke UP, 2017)

I don’t know about the colleges and universities you’re familiar with, but the U.S. military has a pretty visible presence on my campus....


 2019-01-16  1h4m

episode 96: Janelle Adsit, "Toward an Inclusive Creative Writing" (Bloomsbury, 2017)

What do students who enter creative-writing classrooms encounter as these young men and women hope to discover who they are and can be as writers?


 2019-01-15  53m

episode 95: Alex Bentley and Michael O'Brien, "The Acceleration of Cultural Change: From Ancestors to Algorithms" (MIT Press, 2017)

Our evolutionary success, according to co-authors Alex Bentley and Michael O'Brien, lies in our ability to acquire cultural wisdom and teach it to the next generation...


 2019-01-08  51m

episode 465: James W. Loewen, "Teaching What Really Happened: How to Avoid the Tyranny of Textbooks and Get Students Excited About Doing History" (Teachers College Press, 2018)

In an atmosphere filled with social media and fake news, history is more important than ever. But, what do you really know about history...


 2019-01-03  41m

episode 70: Joshua Eyler, "How Humans Learn: The Science and Stories behind Effective College Teaching" (West Virginia UP, 2018)

What is learning? There is a robust body of literature that seeks to tell us what the most effective classroom techniques and strategies are, but Joshua Eyler goes further...


 2018-12-12  39m

episode 14: McKenzie Wark, "General Intellects: Twenty-One Thinkers for the Twenty-First Century" (Verso, 2017)

McKenzie Wark’s new book offers 21 focused studies of thinkers working in a wide range of fields who are worth your attention...


 2018-12-06  1h3m