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episode 19: Kapila D. Silva and Amita Sinha, "Cultural Landscapes of South Asia : Studies in Heritage Conservation, and Management" (Routledge, 2017)

South Asian architecture and landscapes are not as well known in the western design schools...


 2019-08-15  53m

episode 39: Juan Javier Rivera Andía, "Non-Humans in Amerindian South America" (Berghahn, 2018)

Eleven researchers bring new ethnographies to bear on anthropological debates on ontology and the anthropocene.


 2019-08-12  1h0m

episode 18: Chris Reed and Nina-Marie Lister, "Projective Ecologies" (HGSD, 2014)

"Projective Ecologies" is about how landscape architecture can move forward in the design field beyond garden landscapes...


 2019-08-09  57m

episode 17: Stefan Al, "Adapting Cities to Sea Level Rise: Green and Gray Strategies" (Island Press, 2018)

This book is a tool kit for adapting and managing sea level rise and storm events for metropolitan cities and smaller communities...


 2019-08-05  52m

episode 15: Sandra L. Albro, "Vacant to Vibrant: Creating Successful Green Infrastructure Networks" (Island Press, 2019)

Vacant lots, so often seen as neighborhood blight, have the potential to be a key element of community revitalization...


 2019-07-30  44m

episode 201: David R. Montgomery, "Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life" (W. W. Norton, 2018)

Once a self-proclaimed dark green eco-pessimist, Dr. Montgomery finds this new hope as he travels the world, meeting farmers at the forefront of an agricultural movement to restore soil health...


 2019-07-26  57m

episode 43: Elaine Hampton and Cynthia Ontiveros, "Copper Stain: ASARCO’s Legacy in El Paso" (U Oklahoma Press, 2019)

Elaine Hampton tell the story of how a Mexican American community in El Paso have fought back against environmental injustice...


 2019-07-17  39m

episode 21: Laura Alice Watt, "The Paradox of Preservation: Wilderness and Working Landscapes at Point Reyes National Seashore" (U California Press, 2016)

Watt precisely narrates a rich case study of the sweeping lands and waters surrounding Point Reyes, an hour north of San Francisco in Marin County,..


 2019-07-16  1h17m

episode 282: Chika Watanabe, "Becoming One: Religion, Development, and Environmentalism in a Japanese NGO in Myanmar" (U Hawaii Press, 2019)

"Becoming One" is a rich ethnographic study of the work of a Japanese NGO called the Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement...


 2019-07-15  1h0m

episode 280: Jakobina Arch, "Bringing Whales Ashore: Oceans and the Environment of Early Modern Japan" (U Washington Press, 2018)

Arch weaves together a wealth of diverse materials to demonstrate and explore the social, cultural, economic, intellectual, and religious impacts of whales on the world of Tokugawa Japan...


 2019-07-11  57m