New Books in Mathematics

Interviews with Mathematicians about their New Books

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episode 223: Cailin O’Connor, "Games in the Philosophy of Biology" (Cambridge UP, 2020)

O’Connor introduces the basics of game theory and its particular branch, evolutionary game theory...



episode 50: B. Fong and D. I. Spivak, "An Invitation to Applied Category Theory: Seven Sketches in Compositionality" (Cambridge UP, 2019)

Fong and Spivak have written a marvelous and timely new textbook that, as its title suggests, invites readers of all backgrounds to explore what it means to take a compositional approach and how it might serve their needs....


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episode 49: sarah-marie belcastro, "Discrete Mathematics with Ducks" (CRC Press, 2018)

The book includes an introductory chapter on algorithms and several bonus chapters, for example on number theory and on complexity, which instructors and interested students can subset as they please...


 2020-05-29  32m

episode 193: Leslie M. Harris, "Slavery and the University: Histories and Legacies" (U Georgia Press, 2019)

How involved with slavery were American universities? And what does their involvement mean for us?


 2020-04-28  59m

episode 48: Alex Berke, "Beautiful Symmetry: A Coloring Book about Math" (MIT Press, 2020)

Alex Berke's "Beautiful Symmetry" is both a fascinating book and a concept -- it's like no other book I’ve ever read. It's a coloring book about math...


 2020-04-22  53m

episode 47: Paul Nahin, "Hot Molecules, Cold Electrons" (Princeton UP, 2020)

Nahin offers a thorough study of the history and mathematics of the heat equation, which is not only important as an analysis of heat, its analysis marked the beginning of Fourier series...


 2020-04-03  52m

episode 46: Matt Cook, "Sleight of Mind: 75 Ingenious Paradoxes in Mathematics, Physics, and Philosophy" (MIT Press, 2020)

According to Cook, a paradox paradox is a sophisticated kind of magic trick...


 2020-03-30  54m

episode 45: Al Posamentier, "Math Makers: The Lives and Works of 50 Famous Mathematicians" (Prometheus, 2020)

This charming book is more than just mathematics, because mathematicians are not just makers of mathematics...


 2020-03-10  56m