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Nomadtopia Radio features interviews with people all over the world who have created their ideal lifestyle through location independence, long-term travel, living abroad, and more. Guests run the gamut from serial expats to slow travelers, digital nomads, location-independent entrepreneurs escaping winter, families traveling overland (and homeschooling!), solo backpackers and road-trippers... you name it. Their stories highlight all the different ways to explore the world, live and work on your own terms, and have the freedom and flexibility to create the lifestyle that matters to YOU. Join us to learn about the ins and outs of daily life on the road and back at home; nitty-gritty details of living and working anywhere in the world, like banking, technology, what to do with your stuff, and having a home base (or not); getting started and making it happen; and much, much more. Hosted by veteran traveler, expat, digital nomad, and location-independent online entrepreneur Amy Scott, founder of, where you can access resources, community, and inspiration for creating and savoring the life your nomadic soul craves.



      Ep 114 Anna Lundberg: Reimagining Success

      Since quitting her corporate job in 2013, Anna has created a portfolio career that allows her to make money, enjoy her skills and passions, and travel frequently from her base in London.


      In This Episode Nomadtopia as the “ideal” and the current reality Exploring different income streams Juggling a “portfolio” career Scheduling your ideal week and managing time zones Trying to find balance Redefining success for ourselves and figuring out what you want And so much more




      Ep 113 Eden Rudin: Really Truly Living

      In 2013, Eden and her husband moved to Belize, fulfilling a dream to live abroad. After a year there and a year in Nicaragua, they fell into housesitting, which now allows them to travel the world full-time.


      In This Episode Making the necessary changes to move abroad Falling into housesitting Challenges for “older” nomads Packing light and why it’s hard for some people Shopping on the road Pros and cons of housesitting And so much more


      See ...



      Ep 112 Ann Davis: Venture with Impact

      A passionate traveler who was eager to give back, Ann created a workation-style company that includes a social impact component. She now splits her time between the different locations where they run programs in South America and Asia.


      In This Episode Why she started her company Venture with Impact Tips for finding volunteer and social-impact work opportunities How Venture with Impact runs their programs Proposing remote work to your employer How she handles visas in ...



      Ep 111 Kalli and Jacob: Portable Professionals

      Kalli and Jacob started traveling full time in 2008 and have been or lived on all seven continents. Their son was born in Mexico City several years ago, and in 2017 they moved to Cape Town, South Africa, with a plan to live there for the next two years.


      In This Episode Taking a cruise to Antarctica Having a baby in Mexico City Why San Miguel de Allende is starting to attract younger nomads and families Choosing to settle down Their varied income streams And much more ...



      Ep 110 Paul Strobl: Where Is He Now?

      The way we each live our Nomadtopia often changes over time, so I’ve asked Paul back on the show—three years after he first joined me in September 2014—to share where he is now. We talked about how things have gone and what’s changed in his Nomadtopia—and why—in the last few years.


      In This Episode The draw of a deeper cultural experience (and the lure of something new) How he ended up in Bulgaria Location independent vs digital nomad (and why we both prefer the former) What i...



      Ep 109 Nancy Levenson: Figuring Out Her Nomadtopia

      Freelance writer Nancy took location independence to a whole new level when she joined Remote Year, a program that takes a group of remote workers to 12 cities in 12 months. She’s now gearing up to travel on her own, with a plan to spend half the year at home in Portland, Oregon, and half the year on the road.


      In This Episode Setting up your personal home for renters Preparing for part-time travel Her experience with Remote Year Advice for others considering Remote Year Her f...



      Ep 108 Derek Loudermilk: A World of Possibilities

      Derek has been a nomad for several years, and is now traveling with his partner, Heidi, and their 10-month-old son, Axel. He’s parlayed his experience as a professional adventurer into various entrepreneurial ventures, and this past summer realized that just three years after quitting grad school, he was actually living the “perfect day” he’d envisioned for himself. Now, he’s exploring a whole world of possibilities for what’s next.


      In This Episode All our different income st...



      Ep 107 Boom Shikha: DN Course Creator

      Boom has been living in Chiang Mai for almost a year and has fully embraced the “DN” (digital nomad) lifestyle. She joined me to talk about creating courses online, breaking through mental blocks, and life in Thailand.


      In This Episode How and why she creates courses on Udemy Being an expert and imposter syndrome Finding your comfort level in the gray areas nomads occupy Why she loves living in Chiang Mai Her must-have tools And so much more


      See www.n...



      Ep 106 Beck Power: Six-Figure Digital Nomad

      Beck is a Kiwi nomad currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. She is the founder of NomadFly and runs several other online businesses as well. In this episode we talk about the “survival mode” that many nomads find themselves in, breaking through income thresholds, the changes and choices that helped her make money, and so much more.


      In This Episode The different ways Beck makes money How she uses just two tools for virtually everything Money mindset for nomads Why “six-figure” ...



      Ep 105 KeeKee Cornelious: All Kinds of Freedom

      After starting and running numerous businesses, KeeKee built her consulting business to cater to a location-independent lifestyle. She’s based in San Diego but travels frequently and chooses to live on vacation no matter where she finds herself on the map.


      In This Episode Building relationships online and off What it means to “live on vacation” What she wishes she’d known before she started The essential mind-set that prepares you for this lifestyle How to create a business y...