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Nomadtopia Radio features interviews with people all over the world who have created their ideal lifestyle through location independence, long-term travel, living abroad, and more. Guests run the gamut from serial expats to slow travelers, digital nomads, location-independent entrepreneurs escaping winter, families traveling overland (and homeschooling!), solo backpackers and road-trippers... you name it. Their stories highlight all the different ways to explore the world, live and work on your own terms, and have the freedom and flexibility to create the lifestyle that matters to YOU. Join us to learn about the ins and outs of daily life on the road and back at home; nitty-gritty details of living and working anywhere in the world, like banking, technology, what to do with your stuff, and having a home base (or not); getting started and making it happen; and much, much more. This podcast is hosted by veteran traveler, expat, digital nomad, and location-independent online entrepreneur Amy Scott, founder of, where you can access resources, community, and inspiration for creating and savoring the life your nomadic soul craves.

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episode 186: Real Estate Investing with Sarah Weaver

When most of us think of real estate investing, we think of late-night phone calls from tenants, constant repairs, and huge price tags. But in reality, the barrier to entry in the real estate world is much lower than we think it is, and with the right...



episode 185: Moving to Europe with Cepee Tabibian

Have you ever dreamed of moving to Europe? Many non-Europeans think it can’t be done, but there are a lot of visa options for living in Europe, and with the right research and planning it’s entirely possible to make your dream of moving to Europe...



episode 184: Nomads and Privilege with Amanda Machado

Ever thought about your relationship with the places you visit and whether you’re doing more harm than good? Are you aware of the incredible privilege inherent in the lifestyles we live (or aspire to live) as nomads?   I invite you to listen in...


 2021-10-06  39m

episode 183: Moving to Canada with Brandon Miller

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said, “That’s it, I’m moving to Canada.” I’ve heard this phrase a time or two before!  If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time thinking, daydreaming, and brainstorming...


 2021-09-01  45m

episode 182: An Update on Nomadtopia and the Pandemic

It’s been a year since our Grounded Nomads series about nomads who were scrambling to get home or to find a safe place to land as the world was shutting down.  Here we are a year later, and I felt it was time for an update on what being a nomad...


 2021-08-04  9m

episode 181: Long-Distance Family Dynamics with Helen Ellis

If you’ve stumbled upon this episode, you’re probably already part of a distanced family or you will be as your life as a nomad unfolds. Leaving behind your family can be one of the hardest parts of setting off on your nomadic journey.   In...


 2021-07-07  36m

episode 180: Legal Concerns for Nomad Entrepreneurs with Layne Lyons JD

Do you have your legal ducks in a row for your nomadic lifestyle? As an online entrepreneur, freelancer, or even an employee living a nomad life, you need to know about the legal concerns that come along with being a digital nomad. In this episode, my...


 2021-06-02  43m

episode 179: Starting a Family as a Nomad with Julia Jerg

Are you a parent that is dreaming about going nomadic with your family? Or are you a current nomad that is thinking about starting a family? If these relate to you then you might be wondering HOW you can become a digital nomad family.  In this...


 2021-05-05  40m

episode 178: Planning and Productivity with Erin Elizabeth Wells

Should you eliminate the word “goal” from your vocabulary? This idea may sound a little outlandish or may come as a surprise to you but as you’ll learn from my guest in this episode, it could be a gamechanger in your goal-setting practices. In...


 2021-04-14  36m

episode 177: Learning Languages with Ray Blakney

As a current or aspiring nomad, you have probably thought about or tried to learn a new language. If so, this is for you! In this episode, my guest is Ray Blakney, a serial expat and co-founder of an online language school. Ray grew up as a TCK...


 2021-03-31  43m