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Fight for It, Part 4 // Clay Scroggins with Tim Elmore

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 2019-05-19  42m

Fight for It, Part 3: Your Struggle can be Your Superpower // Clay Scroggins with Sheryl Sandberg

Being connected is not enough. When we respond to adversity in our lives by showing up for each other, we turn connection into community. In our greatest adversities, when receive the gift of being comforted by God, so that we then may comfort others.


 2019-05-12  44m

Fight for It, Part 2: Building Resilience Through Rejection // Clay Scroggins

Everyone faces rejection. How we handle that rejection can either cripple us or force us to become more resilient. In a critical moment during Jesus’ ministry, his Heavenly father reminded him of something that can help all of us walk through seasons where we feel rejection.


 2019-05-08  34m

Fight for It, Part 1: How to Build Resilience // Clay Scroggins

Life is full of trials. Every trial carries with it a set back that we experiences. Our ability to bounce back after experiencing a trial is called resilience. In this message, Clay teaches us how to use the smaller trials of life as the building blocks to a resilient life.


 2019-04-28  36m

Easter: Invitation to Believe // Andy Stanley

Following Jesus’ crucifixion, his followers expected what anyone expects after someone dies: that they would remain that way. But one of Jesus’s followers, John, gave an eyewitness account which summarized the main event surrounding Christianity: Jesus rose from the dead. In this seventh and final sign that John documents, he makes the case that Jesus is exactly who he claimed to be.


 2019-04-21  32m

Bystander, Part 6: Coexistence // Andy Stanley

At different points in our lives, many of us wonder why a good God would allow bad things to happen. And without a clear response, that dilemma could cause us to question God’s existence altogether. The gospel writer John documented an occasion where Jesus not only brought his friend Lazarus back to life, but demonstrated how God can exist in the midst of a world of evil and suffering. Subscribe to stay updated with the latest content...


 2019-04-14  43m

Bystander, Part 5: Open Eyes // Andy Stanley

There are many products that we buy, use, and put our confidence in without having all the information or fully understanding how they work. In the gospel of John, we see a man begin to follow Jesus based on limited information. This man, who was born blind, said he only knew one main thing—and that one thing was enough to make him curious about who Jesus really was.


 2019-04-07  35m

Bystander, Part 4: Lunch and Learn // Andy Stanley

Perhaps one of the most famous signs performed by Jesus is feeding over 5000+ people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Those that followed Jesus thought he was finally getting to the point of what he could do for them. They were more enamored with the signs instead of what the signs were pointing to.


 2019-03-31  39m

Bystander, Part 3: Carry On! // Andy Stanley

Just outside of Jerusalem, Jesus performed a miracle that changed a man’s life forever. For 38 years, this man was unable to walk. But when Jesus said, “Get up,” the man was healed. However, it’s what Jesus said next that made this miracle a clear sign of who Jesus really was.


 2019-03-24  38m

Bystander, Part 2: Living As If // Andy Stanley

In order to demonstrate who he was, Jesus performed a number of miracles—which the apostle John referred to as “signs.” The first of those signs was at a joyous occasion where Jesus turned water into wine. The second sign was in the midst of a heartbreaking circumstance in which a father desperately asks Jesus to heal his dying son.


 2019-03-17  37m