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Welcome to the weekly audio podcast for North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA where our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our desire is that this podcast will encourage you in your relationship with God. Visit us at

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Eyes On The Road

People who were not like Jesus liked Jesus, and he liked them back. Since the church is the body of Christ, people should be drawn to Jesus followers. Even if they don’t agree with the message of the church, they should like the church. So, why isn’t that true?


 2016-11-27  39m

Be Rich 2016: Love vs. Everything

We all assume that we can behave and confess our way into a barrier-free relationship with God. If we sin against someone, we can just pray for God’s forgiveness and we’ll be back in his good graces. But what if God wants more from us than vertical morality? What if he cares about our horizontal relationships?


 2016-11-20  42m

Be Rich 2016: Being Great

It's in all of us to want to be great. According to Jesus, there's nothing wrong with that. He defines it differently than you might think and makes it more possible than most would imagine.


 2016-11-13  43m

Be Rich 2016: Angry Jesus

Anger is an emotion we try to get rid of or to manage. That's because we usually get angry about things like not getting our way. But did you know Jesus got angry too? His anger was different, though. It was about something more significant than his wounded pride.


 2016-11-06  33m

When Grace Shows Up

All of us have more of a story than others may realize. Edward Bailey is no different. Although he serves as the Executive Director of No Longer Bound, an organization which is about regenerating men, rescuing addicts, and reconciling families, Edward knows more about addiction than just his profession. For Edward, addiction is personal. Clay Scroggins interviews Edward in this can't-miss message. 


 2016-10-30  41m

The Three Nots

People who are fully engaged in the life of the church invite others to experience what they've experienced. That sounds simple. But why you invite someone is even more important than how you invite someone.


 2016-10-23  41m

Helping The Next Gen Win: Show Up

Think about the people who have made a difference in your life. Don't you want to do that for the next generation? There’s an easy first step.


 2016-10-16  39m

Helping The Next Gen Win: Leaving Something Worth Leaving

Have you considered what legacy you are leaving for the next generation? Will you be leaving something worth leaving behind? Dave Ramsey, and his daughter Rachel Cruze, explore how we manage our finances and how it can hurt or help the next generation and in the process how it can do the same for our current generation.


 2016-10-09  43m

Helping The Next Gen Win: Generation iY

This generation is the first that doesn’t need adults for information. But they do need adults for interpretation. What can we do to help the next generation to see the world in a way that sets them up for success? Join Clay Scroggins and Tim Elmore as they have a conversation about how we can help the next gen win.


 2016-10-02  38m

Helping The Next Gen Win: A Standard For Living

The Greatest Generation. Baby Boomers. Generation X. Millennials. Generation Z. Each generation is distinct from those that came before and those that come after. They have different priorities and different experiences. They see the world differently. It’s easy for the generations to live in conflict and competition. But what is our responsibility to the generations that come after us?


 2016-09-25  32m