NPK Hydroponics Live

NPK Hydroponics Live: An honest, informal and passionate podcast about growing crops hydroponically.

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episode 213: The Summer: Podcast 213 - NPK Hydroponics live

The Summer podcast 213   How to stay cool and more importantly, how to keep your plants cool!   It's that summertime of year when things can get difficult, we're here with some top tips and advice to make sure you've got the best chance to win, during th...



episode 212: MIGRO LED - An interview with Shane: Podcast 212 - NPK Hydroponics live

MIGRO LED Podcast 212: An interview with Shane This week we speak to Shane from MIGRO LED. MIGRO is an LED YouTube channel that produces and reviews horticultural LED lights. We talk indus...



episode 211: The Partner podcast: Podcast 211 - NPK Hydroponics live

The Partner Podcast Episode 211   This week for podcast 211, Stephen and Barry talk about the new partners to join the team for 2020/2021. We discuss who they are, the products they manufacture and why you should consider using them in your rooms. Listen...



episode 210: A Garden Culture Review: Podcast 210 - NPK Hydroponics live

A Garden culture review Plant Steering   This week for podcast 210, Stephen and Barry review the best articles from the latest edition of Garden Culture. The magazine is looking at how to steer your plant through watering and climate. How to make your pl...


 2020-07-05  1h14m

episode 209: Welcome back everyone: Podcast 209 - NPK Hydroponics live

The return of NPK Live after Corona Virus - What's been going on?


 2020-06-28  48m

episode 208: Corona and Hydroponics?: Podcast 208 - NPK Hydroponics live

Coronavirus and the hydroponics industry Podcast 208 Its a change of pace this week as we bring a guest on to talk hydroponics industry and the potential impact it may have for shops and growers. If you're on lockdown, we're here for you over the next ho...


 2020-03-22  1h18m

episode 207: What's new, What's Poo: Podcast 207 - NPK Hydroponics live

Podcast 207 What's new, What's Poo? On this week's episode, we talk new hydro products and poo hydro products! What should you be using and what should you be binning. Thank you to our partners: CANNA AutoPot Can-Filters SANlight Revolution Microelectron...


 2020-03-15  1h28m

episode 206: Plant superfoods (A Garden Culture Review): Podcast 206 - NPK Hydroponics live

Podcast 206 Plant superfoods A Garden culture review This week we review Garden Culture magazine and go through the articles talking about plant superfoods and what you can do to pull the most from your plants genetic potential. Kick back with the NPK Po...


 2020-03-08  1h21m

episode 205: What the additive: Podcast 205 - NPK Hydroponics live

Podcast 205 What the additive? This week we talk about the nutrient additives we use to make our plants happier, healthier and ultimately, for bigger yields. The takehome message from this week, be careful what you're adding to your nutrient regime, some...


 2020-02-29  1h24m

episode 204: Hydroponic Top Trumps: Podcast 204 - NPK Hydroponics live

Hydroponic Top Trumps Podcast 204 Ste and B go head to head on Hydroponic Top Trumps... Except Ste hasn't played Top Trumps properly and fucked the game up Enjoy and listen to the worst game of Top Trumps Who won? Thank you to our partners: CANNA AutoPot...


 2020-02-15  1h3m