NPK Hydroponics Live

NPK Hydroponics Live: An honest, informal and passionate podcast about growing crops hydroponically.

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episode 231: The A-Z of Growing with hydroponics : Podcast 231 - NPK Hydroponics live

The A-Z of Growing Podcast 231 Stephen had a great idea to do a timed A-Z of HydroIt wasn't such a great idea or as easy to do as he thought...Who wins, Barry or Stephen?Tune in to find out Thank you to our partners: CANNA AutoPot SANlight CAN Filters Ga...



episode 230: The state of the industry : Podcast 230 - NPK Hydroponics live

The State of the Industry Podcast 230 Stephen and Barry are back to put the world to rights.What's going on in our industry and what's going on in the world?Is it doom and gloom or is there hope on the horizon?Listen to find out Thank you to our partners...


 2021-12-20  1h6m

episode 229: Frenchy Cannoli - The Hash Master birthday: Podcast 229 - NPK Hydroponics live

In Loving Memory of Frenchy Cannoli Podcast 229 Stephen is joined by Frenchy's wife Kimberly, to discuss his career, his love for cannabis and what the future holds for the world of cannabis concentrates.Today was Frenchy's birthday and it is our pleasur...


 2021-12-13  1h12m

episode 228: Cannabis as medicine? - An interview with Callie Seaman: Podcast 228 - NPK Hydroponics live

Cannabis as medicine Podcast 228 Stephen is joined by Callie Seaman to catch up, discuss George and discuss how medicinal cannabis is helping so many people with such varieties of ailments.Callie has been in the Hydroponics and Cannabis industry for over...


 2021-12-06  1h22m

episode 227: Broken Biscuits - A little bit of everything: Podcast 227 - NPK Hydroponics live

A Garden Culture Review Podcast 227 Stephen and Barry get stuck in to a pack of articles from recent Garden Culture magazine issues, starting with medicinal plants and moving on to some more great articles covering organics.. We also have a chat about fa...


 2021-07-04  2h32m

episode 226: Water, Water Everywhere - A Garden Culture Review: Podcast 226 - NPK Hydroponics live

A Garden Culture Review Podcast 226 This week Stephen and Barry go through some more of the articles from the December Garden Culture magazine with specific attention to water quality, indoor plants & reviving old seeds organically.. Oh and Barry has a t...


 2021-06-13  1h37m

episode 225: HPS to LED - A Garden Culture Review: Podcast 225 - NPK Hydroponics live

A Garden Culture Review Podcast 225 This week Stephen and Barry go through some article from the December Garden Culture magazine with specific attention on VPD and transitioning from HPS lights to LED but get a little sidetracked talking about how they ...


 2021-05-16  1h34m

episode 224: Autopot Watering Systems - A deep dive: Podcast 224 - NPK Hydroponics live

Podcast 224 - An AutoPot Deep Dive In memory of Christopher Shane Ralph-Smith   This week Barry and Stephen discuss the AutoPot watering systems and how you can use them for maximum efficiency in your grow room. Follow @NPKpodcast for more podcast inform...


 2021-05-03  1h1m

episode 223: A return to ranting: Podcast 223 - NPK Hydroponics live

A return to ranting NPK Live - Podcast 223  This week Stephen and Barry talk about their extended break from NPK Live and the future of the podcast for 2021. Big things to come! They return to their favourite past-time of ranting and getting their opinio...


 2021-04-18  44m

episode 222: House and Garden nutrients: Podcast 222 - NPK Hydroponics live

House and Garden nutrients podcast - An in-depth look at their products and how to be a better grower when you use the best ingredients.


 2021-04-11  1h45m