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In the electrifying atmosphere of a live radio broadcast in New York City, musicians from all corners of the globe come to perform and discuss their music. The guests range from well-known (Steely Dan, McCoy Tyner) to up and coming artists. Hosted by David Ellenbogen.



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      Lizz Wright – Podcast 243

      Lizz Wright, we learn, is more than just a singer of incredible power and subtlety.  She’s living to create, not creating to live.  Lizz drops a lot of wisdom during our chat and we get to hear a taste of her brand new album, Grace.



      Walter Becker – Podcast 242

      Walter Becker, co-founder of Steely Dan, passed away this week. Today, I went digging through my archives and found  a 2010 interview we recorded upon the release of Roger Rosenberg’s Baritonality, an album Becker produced.  I found it and wanted to share it immediately.  Walter’s open spirit, humility, and excitement about the big and small things around music all come through.  We’ll listen to some excerpts from that album and share the complete free wheeling con...



      Outside (In)dia – Podcast 241

      Today we share a WKCR broadcast featuring musicians Amir ElSaffar, Awa Sangho, Roman Diaz, Martha Redbone, and producer Hans Taparia from the India Center Foundation.

      We were promoting Outside (In)dia a free concert series, at Lincoln Center featuring all those great musicians.  The opening event is this Friday with Amir El Saffar and we’ll hear a discussion with Amir as well as music from all these amazing musicians.  

      Outside (In)dia is a four-part concert series p...



      Abdoulaye Alhassane Toure – Podcast 240

      Here’s a great one from the archives! A beautiful live performance and discussion with Abdoulaye Alhassane Tourewith Deep Sahara at WKCR in 2010.  w/ Yacouba Diabate (Kora) Frederika Krier (Violin) and David Ellenbogen (guitar).  Abdoulaye is a guitarist and singer from Gao, Mali with roots in Northern Mali and Niger.  He brings all these regional sounds of this diverse part of the world into his music.  He also absorbed American Jazz and Blues…you’ll hear it all....



      Hugh Masekela – Podcast 239

      This week we revisit a classic interview with Hugh Masekela from 2013.

      Hugh Masekela is the most well known jazz musician from Africa.  His first big hit was in 1968 and he has sold millions of albums, won multiple Grammys and worked with everyone from Stevie Wonder to Dizzy Gillespie. Fresh off a tour with Paul Simon, he and his band are super-refined, with perfect vocal harmonies, deep grooves, and inspired improvisations.    Masekela is considered a legend of South Af...



      Blick Bassy – Podcast 238

      Hailing from Cameroon, but living now in France, singer and multi-instrumentalist,  Blick Bassy is creating a fresh, new sound with stunning vocals, banjo and luscious soundscapes from his bandmates.  His new album, Akö with his comrades Clément Petit on cello and Johan Blanc on trombone, are raising eyebrows with their totally original tribute to Skip James.    Blick sings in his native tongue,  Bassa, one of very few.  We caught up with Blick Bassy and hung backstage after an incredible ...



      Field Recordings from Mali! (Oumar Konate, Noura Mint Seymali and more) Podcast 237

      This is a remaster of a broadcast I did in 2012 when I had just returned from almost a month in Mali making field and studio recordings. Very special stuff:

      Here’s the original intro:

      I’m back from the Sahara, and, as promised, have a ton of recordings to share with you.  This special show was originally broadcast on WKCR on 89.9 FM-NY and features rough mixes of studio recordings with up and coming guitarist and pop star Oumar Konate, Griot Royalty Noura Mint ...



      Jean-Claude van Itallie Podcast 236

      Jean-Claude van Itallie, is a creative force across many genres.  Norman Mailer called one his works “possibly the best one-act play I have ever seen.” He’s a poet, meditator, health-guru, translator, writer and it doesn’t stop there.  We sit on the porch with Jean-Claude van Itallie at his inspriring retreat center, Shantigar.




      Fari di Future, Yaadcore Podcast 235


      Yaadcore is a cultured selector that has already began making waves on Jamaica’s music scene. Also the Dj for reggae artist Protoje. Biography More and more youths, seeking to connect with their cultural roots, invariably come across particular names in the field of music. No doubt they eventually stumble upon Yaadcore. As his name suggests, he is at the center of Jamaica’s Reggae Revival.

      His role in the movement is cemented by the fact that he was the f...



      BRM’s Coltrane Raga Tribute – Podcast 234

      Brooklyn Raga Massive’s Coltrane Raga Tribute are about to drop their New Album – and the release party will be a free concert in Prospect Park at Celebrate Brooklyn June 23rd with Pharoah Sanders headlining!

      We hang with Sameer Gupta, the tabla upstart, drummer and musical director of the project and listen to a live performance from Pioneer Works. If you want to hear it all you’ll have to get the album though!

      This podcast will air on WKCR 89.9 FM-NY on Su...