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Almost everyone has gone through a break up. Every episode Christine will peek into different break up stories, whether it be with an ex-partner or an ex-friend.


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Episode 12: Christa and the Ex-Boyfriend

My guest today is Christa. In this episode Christa talks about her last serious relationship before she met her husband. She thought that her ex-boyfriend might’ve been the one, but is very happy that it didn’t turn out that way. Please follow us on...


 2020-07-14  32m

Episode 11: Keith and the Ex-Best Friend

My guest today is Keith. In this episode, Keith talks about his relationship with his best friend from high school, the impact this friend made on his life and the major reason why they stopped being close and ultimately stopped being friends. Please...


 2020-06-30  31m

Episode 10: Lo and the Ex-Boyfriend

My guest today is Lo. In this episode, Lo talks about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend from college and how the relationship helped her figure out what to look for in her next partner and helped shape her into the person that she is today....


 2020-06-16  31m

Episode 9: Jasmine and the Estranged Grandma

My guest today is Jasmine. She was born and raised in Chicago. She is a Ball State alum and works in the marketing department at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. In this episode, Jasmine talks about the highs and lows of her relationship with her grandma,...


 2020-06-09  31m

Episode 8: Kelly, Lindsay and Their Late Parents

My guests today are Kelly and Lindsay. They are sisters who tragically lost both of their parents at separate times during their adolescents. I don’t know how I would’ve been able to cope with losing both of my parents, but Kelly and Lindsay dealt...


 2020-04-01  40m

Episode 7: Devin and the Ex-Bandmates

My guest today is Devin. He’s originally from Indiana, but moved to Chicago to pursue his comedy and music career. In this episode Devin talks about his experience being in a band in small town Indiana, why they broke up and how this relationship with...


 2020-03-16  33m

Episode 6: Maureen and the Ex-Coworker

My guest today is Maureen. In this episode Maureen talks about her ex-coworker who she admired and looked up to as a big sister, but unfortunately lost touch with. Please follow us on Instagram @obliteratepodcast. Also, to find out more about...


 2020-03-02  31m

Episode 5: Adrian and the Ex-Hookup

My guest today is Adrian. He’s born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is currently living there with his partner Addison. In this episode, Adrian talks about an intense connection he had with a past hook up. It was a strong bond that really...


 2020-02-25  33m

Episode 4: Lianne and the Ex-Boyfriend

My guest today is Lianne. She’s originally from the suburbs of Chicago and now is a high school counselor living in Wisconsin with her boyfriend. In this episode Lianne talks about an ex-boyfriend she had in her early 20s. She slowly learned that even...


 2020-02-18  29m

Episode 3: Teddy and the Ex-Girlfriend

My guest today is Teddy. He’s a math teacher by day and a musician by night. In this episode Teddy’s going to talk about the last relationship he had before he met the love of his life. He thought his ex was someone he could trust, but he quickly...


 2020-02-10  31m