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Our True Crime Podcast focuses on bizzare, lesser known crime cases from around the globe delivered with respect, a bit of humor and a smidge of song. Everything you’ve come to love from Jen and Cam.


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104. Cold Justice: Sonya Ivanoff

19-year-old Sonya Ivanoff was a standout in her small community of Nome Alaska. Sonja, who moved to Nome about two years prior, had made a name for herself on the basketball court in high school so almost everyone knew Sonya. On the evening of August...



103. Stark Raving Mad: George Trepal

It is 1988 and we are going to Florida in a town called Alturas where a man received a strange and anonymous letter in the mail. The note which had been typed stated, “ You and all your so-called family have 2 weeks to move out of Florida forever or...



102. Through an Open Window: Sandy Jeffers

In 2003, Sandy Jeffers had the world on a string. She was set to receive her 2nd undergraduate degree and was planning to start the doctoral program at the University of Tennessee in the fall. Sandy was a sweet, young woman, the type of person that...



101. The Werewolf Butcher: Jack Spillman

*Warning: this episode is extremely graphic. It deals with the death of a child and animal mutilation. Discretion is advised. It is April 13, 1995, when the daughter of 48 year old Rita Huffman was trying to reach her mom who was not answering the...



100. Where Have You Gone, Charming Billy: William "Billy" McGrath

When someone claiming to be millionaire interior designer Billy McGrath calls Billy's financial advisor, police are called. Friends and family haven't seen Billy in two weeks and are very concerned. Police learn that Billy had been living in fear....


 2020-10-21  51m

99. The Trouble with Alice: Alice Crimmins

The year is 1965 and Alice Crimmins is not like most of the women of the time as she is about to be a divorced woman with two small children, 4-year-old Alice Marie who went by Missy, and 5-year-old Eddie. She dressed well and had style, ladies...


 2020-10-14  52m

98. That Girl is Poison: Mary Clement

Known as the "Great Equalizer", Arsenic has been used for thousands of years to get rid of one's enemy. It's tasteless, odorless and easily slipped into one's food. Roman Emperor Nero was suspected of using arsenic to seize the throne from his...


 2020-10-07  57m

97. The Disappearance of Jack

It is October 3, 1999, when Lt. Cliff Mathews reports to a nearby residence to take a report about a missing man. A young woman answers the door and informs the officer that 71-year-old Jack Irwin has not checked in with anyone and it had been several...


 2020-09-30  56m

96. The Murder of Little Rosie

In Hartlepool, England on June 30th, 1994, little 3-year-old Rosie walked to the ice cream van, bought a, and never came back home. ***It has been brought to my attention that I have mispronounced the name Hartlepool. My apologies.*** Join Cam...


 2020-09-23  41m

95. Killer in Steel City

It is a Saturday afternoon on January 5, 2002, when Michael Gerboc drove to the floral store he owned with his partner florist, Ed Kirby, to check up Ed and the store. When Michael arrived and called out for Ed, he didn’t get a response but soon he...


 2020-09-16  59m