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Our True Crime Podcast focuses on bizarre, lesser-known crime cases from around the globe delivered with respect, a bit of humor, and a smidge of song. Everything you’ve come to love from Jen and Cam.


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Introducing Suspect

A big Halloween party at an apartment complex in Redmond, Washington. Themed rooms and costumed partygoers. But by the end of the party, one of the hosts is dead. The police look to the partiers as the prime suspects: was it the guy in the devil mask,...



137. Picture Proof: Lorraine Kirkley

Lorraine Kirkley lives in Valparaiso Indiana with her loving husband Robert. Lori worked as a cardiac rehab nurse and seemed to really like her job. The couple were madly in love and had just put up their house for sale and had planned to move to...



136. The Final Fall: Chris Benoit

It started with the WWF’s (now WWE) boom period in the mid-1980’s with stars like Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Randy Savage, and many others. It represented the colourful culture of the 1980’s and later the edgy period of the late 1990’s with stars...


 2021-08-18  47m

Introducing - Dr. Death Season 3: Miracle Man

Paolo is a smart and handsome surgeon, renowned for his ability to perform surgeries that transform his patients’ lives. When television producer Benita covers him for a story, he’ll transform her life too, but not in the ways she expects. As Benita...


 2021-08-17  6m

135. Murder in a Small Town: Tray Phelps

It is September 24, 2015, when David Phillips who goes by the name Tray failed to show up to work. The 26-year-old worked on a boat and was a dependable employee who would always show up for work so when he didn’t call, his boss called his grandfather...


 2021-08-11  38m

134. Bloody Christmas at the Drama Club: Robert LeCompte

It was early Christmas morning 2009 in Houma, Louisiana when just after 3 am a call comes into the police. The man on the phone was the owner of a local bar called the Drama Club. He tells officers that his friend and manager of the Drama Club, Robert...


 2021-08-04  40m

133. Acid Attack : The Betrayal of Naomi Oni

Naomi Oni was an extremely smart and respectful young lady. She was always taught to place more value in who she is as a person, as opposed to how she looked. She had a tight group of friends and just like a lot of teens, they were all into celebrity...


 2021-07-28  1h4m

Introducing The Grand Scheme: Snatching Sinatra

Hosted and narrated by John Stamos, The Grand Scheme: Snatching Sinatra is a complicated, nuanced story of one imperfect man trying to redeem himself by pulling off the perfect crime. Did you ever feel like everything’s broken, and it’s your job to...


 2021-07-27  8m

132. The Wicked Stepmother: Judith Hawkey

Like many children, Corey Breininger was being raised by his father and grandparents as his mother was not currently in his life. The arrangement worked well for all of them. When Robert Breininger met a woman by the name of Judith Hawkey, there was...


 2021-07-21  37m

131. Behind Closed Doors: The Kansas City Butcher Robert Berdella

***********Graphic Content Warning*************** Join Cam and Jen as we discuss Missouri's most heinous modern-day serial killer. Bob Berdella preyed on young men that were down on their luck. Once they were in his grasp, they would be raped,...


 2021-07-14  46m