Overnight Drive

A comedy podcast about two men speeding across America's soul on the overnight drive of existence. For fans of off kilter jokes, dark theater of the mind, wrapped in cultural commentary and inside humor. If you have a strong fortitude and are not easily offended, this podcast is for you. So, tell a weird friend, and have a nice life.



episode 3: The Police Officer Whisperer

A Christmas miracle! Episode 3 was a minefield of technical problems, scheduling conflicts, illness, and general headaches. After a long edit, and a few attempts at cleanup, we can finally release this wounded podcast back out into the wild. Concussio...


 2012-12-24  1h5m

episode 2: Tales from the All-Tap

Is Yerba Mate over? Is locker room cruising just straight up legit now? Is that a camcorder? In our second drive, we tackle all of these deep questions and more. Hans brings us twenty years and several steps in evolution back in time with the "Nirvana...


 2012-12-15  1h1m

episode 1: "I should have joined the army and went to Bosnia instead"

In our inaugural drive, we take a trip down memory lane, as Hans recounts his (first) cross country internet romance gone sour. Passenger Justin Kiss joins us, but has no microphone, so he sounds like a witty ghost. Enjoy! 


 2012-12-08  53m