Pain Science and Sensibility

Join co-hosts Sandy Hilton and Cory Blickenstaff, physical therapists who are "in the trenches" practicing in unique settings on opposite sides of United States, as they discuss current research and topics of pain science. Listen in on occasional interviews of the prominent figures of pain science. Focus will be on making the information meaningful to practice in the clinic.

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050 Pain Flare-Up

Pain flare-ups are one of the most frustrating things for patients and clinicians alike. Are they normal? Who gets them? Why is it important to know their prevalence? What are Sandy and Cory's thoughts on dealing with them?  All this and more in...



049 Contemplating Possibilities and the Impermanence of Pain

We are joined in this episode by for a casual chat about pain. Lorimer gave us his thoughts on recent and future clinical research and the translation of the evidence into the clinic.  Is there an expiration date for recovery from...


 2020-08-25  54m

048 The SI Joint Narrative

Do you use SI joint tests? What type of information do the tests give you? Should you be using them? These are just a few of the questions that arise in the discussion of this recent perspective paper. Join us for episode 48! Palsson TS, Gibson W,...


 2020-06-27  57m

047 Is It Safe For Women To Lift Heavy Things?

Is it safe to exercise and lift heavy things for people with pelvic organ prolapse symptoms? Or put more bluntly, will lifting heavy weights make your lady bits fall out? Is lifting weight asking for trouble? That is the question that our guest this...


 2020-05-08  50m

046 Is There an Advantage to Pain Free Rehab?

These questions arise very frequently in rehabilitation. Should it hurt? Is it OK if it hurts? Will I set myself back if it hurts? Will I get better if it doesn't hurt? In this episode we examine a pair of articles that examine these questions. One...


 2020-03-13  43m

045 A Review of Surgery for Rotator Cuff Tears

A recent Cochrane review looked at studies of people with rotator cuff tears comparing those who had surgery with those who did not. What do you think they found? Did surgery provide benefit? Is it OK to go without surgery in these cases? Sandy and...


 2020-01-27  39m

044 Cognitive Functional Therapy Vs. Group Therapy Plus Education

This episode covers a recent paper that compares a popular and trending approach, Cognitive Functional Therapy, against a group treatment and exercise intervention. The primary outcomes were pain and disability. The results may surprise you. Join...


 2019-11-20  52m

043 An Interview with Dr Henrik Vaegter

In the last episode (42) a systematic review was discussed regarding the value of pre-operative measures in predicting pain post-operatively. In this episode, Dr. Henrik Vaegter, an author of that review joins us to discuss that research as well as...


 2019-10-09  48m

042 Does Preop Pain Predict Postop Pain?

In this episode Sandy and Cory discuss a systematic review which investigated what pre operative pain tells us about a person’s propensity for post operative pain. Is it predictive? If so, would changing it matter? The discussion gets into these...


 2019-08-30  44m

041 Bedtimes and Pain: Can You Sleep It Off?

This study looked at pain score associations between people with "typical" and "atypical" bedtimes. Sandy and Cory discuss the topic of sleep and pain broadly as well. So, perk up and see if you can make through this episode without dozing off. Does...


 2019-06-12  54m