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*One of Apple Podcasts Best Podcasts of 2021*"Compelling and thoughtful listening" - the New York TimesHosted by Kentuckians Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers, Pantsuit Politics is an independent podcast that takes a different approach to the news. Sarah and Beth are citizens who prioritize curiosity over the conflict that often drives political conversations. Pay attention without the anxiety. New episodes every Tuesday and Friday. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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The Briefcase: The Psychology of It All

This week was, by 2017 standards, a little calmer?


 2017-02-24  38m

What Are Democrats to Do?

What does it mean to be the minority party?


 2017-02-28  54m

Pantsuit Politics Book Club: Strangers In Their Own Land

Sarah sits down with our book club founder to chat the February pick.


 2017-03-03  41m

What the Russia?!?

We devote our entire podcast today to the administration and Russia and try to view the developing situation through a nuanced lens


 2017-03-07  1h2m

The Briefcase: Transparency, Wikileaks, and Listener Feedback

This week is bringing us a revised executive order on immigration, Wikileaks exposing alleged CIA documents, and more craziness out of Washington.


 2017-03-10  34m

Primer: Medicaid and the American Health Care Act

Spend 15 minutes with Beth on the basics of Medicaid and the Republican's new proposal


 2017-03-11  15m

Repeal and Replace: The American Health Care Act

We examine the Republican response to Obamacare.


 2017-03-14  1h5m

The Briefcase: Someone Else's Babies

This week, Americans are squarely confronting the rights and responsibilities of our government, our citizens, and our fellow humans.


 2017-03-17  34m

Our Empathy Deficit

Today we’re examining the increasing prevalence of an empathy deficit in American culture.


 2017-03-20  47m

The Briefcase: A report from the ground

Things are degrading quickly and we’ve a report from the ground.


 2017-03-24  46m