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Christian Yelich, An Insane Sports Weekend Recapping CBB, Fury/Paul, Russ Wilson Postmortem And More Plus Lottery Ball Drama

Wild sports weekend and we talk about all of it. College Basketball Saturday was insane with a bunch of upsets and buzzer beaters. Baseballs new rules are complete chaos. Paul vs Fury, PFT and Big Cat talk about how bad their teams suck and more(00:02:38-00:53:21). Who's back of the week including LIV Golf and Billy almost found a bone in the East River(00:53:21-01:09:49)...



Max Homa, Aaron Rodgers Emerges From His Cave, Official NBA Finals Picks + Fyre Fest Of The Week

Aaron Rodgers emerged from his darkness cave after only 2 days of solitude with potential use of lights. We got basically every fact about the Alabama situation wrong(02:38-21:45) . Anthony Richardson climbing up draft boards and our official NBA Finals picks(21:45-40:00). Max Homa joins us in person to talk about his incredible last 25 months, potentially winning a major this year, positive vibes and tons more(40:00-01:26:13)...



Big Announcement With Mark Titus, College Bball Preview, Lamar Fan Fiction + Guys On Chicks

Franchise tag season is here and PFT has created a fan fic for Lamar to DC. Max decides his CBB future bet (00:00:00-00:24:23). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Nate Oats and Alabama Basketball (00:24:23-00:40:00). Huge Announcement with our now colleague Mark Titus and the new Mark Titus Show plus we do Part 1 of our CBB preview, tune in to Part 2 on Mark’s new YouTube page Thursday (00:40:00-01:30:14). We finish with guys on chicks (01:30:14-01:43:21)...



Bert Kreischer, The Boys Are Back From Vacation And We Recap All The Sports We Missed

We're back from vacation and had a good restful break. We catch up on everything we missed including NBA All Star Weekend, Mac McClung saving the dunk contest, Jonathan Gannon's awkward video from the first day of being Cardinals HC, Genesis Open and tons more (00:00:00- 00:42:18). Who's back of the week (00:42:18-01:06:52) . We then welcome on Bert Kreischer in person to catch up, talk about how he's going to die and a potential random meet up he may now have us attend (01:06:52-01:47:33)...


 2023-02-20  1h52m

Brand New 3 Hour Dungeons and Dragons With Timm Woods and Nick Turani

The people's champ Timm Woods is back for a brand new campaign for the first time in 6 months. Joined by Nick Turani, this quest is filled with twists and turns that will leave you speechless.

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 2023-02-17  3h2m

Justin Fields, SodGate From SB 57, Things We’re Doing Now That Football Is Over + Guys On Chicks

Football is over and we’re ready to close the book on SB 57 but first SodGate is discussed and why the Eagles may have been screwed(00:02:27-00:30:00). We list the things we’re going to do with our lives now that Football is over(00:30:00-00:48:00). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Valentine’s Day being cancelled thanks to Kyrie Irving(00:48:00-01:06:37)...


 2023-02-15  1h58m

The Chiefs Win Super Bowl 57, Fastest 2 Minutes + Max & Rone Recap The Heartbreak From Inside The Stadium

The final Fastest 2 Minutes of the season we then recap Super Bowl 57, Mahomes MVP and what happened to the Eagles defense. About 25 minutes in Max and Rone get back from the stadium and tell us about the pain they're going through, what they were thinking during the game and how deep their hurt is. We finish with Who's back of the week.

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 2023-02-13  1h29m

Lane Johnson, TJ Watt, NBA Trade Deadline + Super Bowl Preview & Picks

Super Bowl 57 is finally here but first the NBA Trade Deadline tried to highjack SB Week (00:00:00-00:15:10). We preview the big game and give our favorite prop picks for Sunday (00:15:10-00:42:34). Philadelphia Eagles Right Tackle Lane Johnson joins the show to talk about getting back to the SB, the bro barn, playing through injuries and more (00:42:34-01:23:29)...


 2023-02-10  2h17m

JJ Watt, Lebron Breaks Kareem’s Record, Max Is Going To The Super Bowl + Guys On Chicks

Lebron breaks Kareem’s record and we discuss why we actually deserve credit (00:00:00-00:14:13). Super Bowl Media Day and Matt Nagy triggered Big Cat (00:14:13-00:21:41). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (00:21:41-00:48:55). JJ Watt joins us in our C4 Studio to talk about his retirement, career, uhhh hey JJ, what makes a great D-Lineman great and tons more (00:48:55-01:52:24). We finish with guys on chicks Super Bowl edition (01:52:24-02:11:24)...


 2023-02-08  2h11m

Chris Berman, Super Bowl Week Is Here, Kyrie Tried To Highjack The Super Bowl And Tons More

Super Bowl Week is here and we're live from Arizona. The Pro Bowl happened (00:00:00-00:14:01). Kyrie traded to the Mavs putting an end to a hilarious chapter in Brooklyn (00:14:01-00:33:21). Who's back of the week including a big announcement about Max going to the Super Bowl with a very big disclaimer involved (00:33:21-00:53:40). Chris Berman joins the show to talk Super Bowl, football memories, Countdown, how to properly say The Raiders and tons more (00:53:40-02:23:14)...


 2023-02-06  2h29m