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You Might Be A Performance Tester

Look in the mirror. Do you see someone who loves BBQ more than showering? Do you see someone wearing a wool cap and jacket just to keep warm while working in the datacenter? Can you say the word "No!" to a stakeholder? Do you know how many...


 2013-10-08  1h5m

Performance Test Planning

Performance left to the end of the project? Only two weeks on the schedule for doing load testing, regardless of the complexity or requirements? No qualified performance engineering talent assigned to the team? Sounds like you need a class called:...


 2013-09-25  1h12m

Storage Performance

What's the one thing in common with both hard drives and pizza? In this episode of PerfBytes we discuss yet another essential physical resource common to computer performance: the disk! Whether it's local hard drives, network attached storage, nfs,...


 2013-09-10  1h4m

News Of The Damned

He's dead Jim. In the last 2 weeks of August 2013 there have been a nearly unbelievable number of system-wide outages at some of the world's largest internet service providers. Microsoft, Amazon, Google...almost everyone except Twitter found their...


 2013-08-27  1h5m

Everything You Forgot About Memory

Have you seen my car keys anywhere? The older we get the more we might tend to forget about the exciting topic of performance tuning for memory. We're talking about garbage collection, memory leaks and caching strategies. Special guest Scott Moore...


 2013-08-16  1h12m

Performance in DevOps

Continuous Deployment, plus Continuous Release might not quite equal Continuously High-Performing apps! As you might have heard, the developers and the ops guys got together and decided to start sharing tricks and secrets. They even figured out how...


 2013-07-31  1h0m

Network Performance

Bellman asked Ford, "Do you know the way to San Jose?" More importantly, do you know how many hops it takes for your packet to get there? In this episode of PerfBytes we'll focus on the infrastructure that allows all the different components of your...


 2013-07-16  1h1m

PerfBytes Live! July 4th, 2013

Live from PerfBytes' HQ in Monroe, NC - this is a special 4th of July edition of the show: including round-table discussion, interviews and questions and plenty of interjection from a drunk wookie.


 2013-07-04  1h39m

Database Performance

If George Carlin were a DBA he might have said, "A [database] is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff" referring to your application's data. This episode of PerfBytes will review the basics of relational database...


 2013-06-19  1h3m

Performance Analysis

There's this thing between your ears called your brain. We're not joking about this, it's called your brain. If you really want to provide value to your team as a performance engineer, you need to start using your brain. This episode of PerfBytes...


 2013-06-04  1h4m