Tanzu Talk

A collection of podcasts from VMware Tanzu, covering IT modernization and digital transformation from every angle. Guests range from engineers in the weeds of cloud native technology to customer executives pushing change within their organizations. Listen and learn!


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episode 238: Davanum ”dims” Srinivas on the CNCF and kubernetes SIGs at VMware Explore 2022

This week it's another interview from VMware Explore, this time about the kubernetes community and governance. Alex Williams and Coté talk with Davanum "dims" Srinivas. We cover lessons learned from other foundations, especially OpenStack; how new ideas ...



episode 237: Dagger.io, programable pipelines, platform engineering, and more with Solomon Hykes at VMware Explore 2022

There's a lot going on in the build, pipeline, CI/CD, supply chain space - so much so that there's all these phrases for the concept. Dagger.io is taking stab (hahahahah...) at builds and pipelines.  In this episode, Alex Willians of The New Stack and Co...



episode 236: VMware Explore, k8s 1.25, Heroku’s free tier EoL’ed, NGINIX talks open source, Serverless

VMware Explore, k8s 1.25, Heroku’s free tier EoL’ed, NGINIX talks open source, Serverless. Plus, a Backstage interview with Jen Kelly.



episode 235: Operations new customers: developers

How does operations change when you’re supporting developers? That’s what Barton George and I discuss in this episode.



episode 234: Platform as a Product with Bryan Ross

What is Platform as a Product? As Bryan Ross and Coté discuss, it’s how operations people shift their mindset to be more customer-centric as they help developers out.


 2022-08-16  1h2m

episode 233: What is a ”Service Mesh”? with Oren Penso

Istio! Service Mesh! Netflix OSS! The technologies and concepts for doing API-driven architectures have existed for longer than most of us have been alive, at least, able to program. In our kubernetes world, a "service mesh" is the all-in concept for man...


 2022-08-09  54m

episode 232: Command lines and Kernels, Tanzu Application Platform 1.2

Tanzu Talk is back! Your new hosts are Coté, Ed, and Ben. In this episode we cover recent news in the cloud native world, plus highlights from the recent Tanzu Application Release. Plus, light discussion of the political climate in Star Trek versus Star ...


 2022-08-01  42m

episode 231: Securing Cloud Applications, the book, with Adib Saikali

Security for developers has always been…complex. When you re-design for and move your application to the cloud, there’s a new set of security concerns to work with. Adib Saikali’s working on a book on this topic, and he discusses it with Coté in this episode. It all starts with the basics of security, and goes from there.


 2021-12-08  42m

episode 230: Outrunning the Bear - a tale of Digital Transformation in Government IT

Governments run on just as much software as the private sector, sometimes it can seem like even more! Government agencies feel the need to run their processes on software like any other organization and are starting to prioritize custom written software. Like everyone else, people in government feel the need to get better at software...


 2021-12-02  46m

episode 229: Making developer's lives easier and securing the software supply chain with The VMware Marketplace, with Ramya Sarangarajan

Developers rely on all sorts of 3rd party frameworks, packages, and projects for their applications. Ensuring that those components are available, secure, and fit into an organizations overall enterprise architecture can be a challenge. Ramya Sarangarajan joins us in this episode to cover how the VMware Marketplace helps out.


 2021-11-16  20m