PJ Medcast

A podcast to provide continuing education and on-demand reviews for the Pararescue community. All medical providers with an interest in remote and austere medicine, and rescue in both the tactical and non-tactical settings will find value in the material posted here. PJs - you may log the hours you spend listening to the material in this podcast in your training folders.


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166. HPO with DM Strength Coach

This is the first in a series of discussions with Drew, strength and conditioning coach at DM.  Drew has done a great job of building a program there and in this episode he discusses how he approached the process and some lessons learned.


 2019-05-01  34m

165. Quickie- notes from training

1.Optimize patient packaging in the sked 2. TL always up and out- don't get in the weeds 3. Complete each phase before beginning next phase (general rule) 4.White cell- time each phase and task and provide feedback in debrief 5. Why do we have...


 2019-04-27  13m

164. JSOM articles

New feature- review of selected JSOM articles


 2019-04-25  42m

163. Concussion Part 2 of 2

Doc Lax continues our discussion of diagnosing and managing concussion (mTBI) for operators and PJs, corpsman, and medics.


 2019-04-15  24m

162. Concussion, Part 1 of 2

Mild TBI with Doc Lax


 2019-04-09  26m

162. TCCC Meeting Highlights FEB 2019

DD discusses the topics covered at the FEB 2019 TCCC meeting. They include the DOD TCCC mandate, advanced resuscitative care, blood, the IT clamp for head and neck wounds, and more. Stay tuned for the ARC ( advanced resuscitative care) summary and...


 2019-04-01  25m

161. Transition

Some operators have a smooth transition into civilian life and sometimes there are challenges. These challenges can be financial, personal and the loss of meaning and purpose. In this episode, a recently retired combat rescue officer discusses what...


 2019-03-27  35m

160. Ocean rescue-The Narissa

Nellis PJs performed a distant open ocean rescue to a ship with a sailor who had an unusual infection and required urgent surgical debridement.   Listen to this debrief between the PJs and the Flight Doc and get SA on severe soft tissue infection...


 2019-03-20  29m

159. Optimizing communication skills

Capt McNab was a 68W with combat deployments as an Army Medic. His life turned to being a mental health professional. He is now a Social Worker at Moody for the 38th RQS.  We first saw Capt McNab at the MOAB and he gave a great brief. In the...


 2019-03-12  35m

158 Part 3 of discussion with Col Dorlac

This is the final installment of a meaningful discussion between the AF Trauma Consultant and PJ Med Director while they were in those positions during OEF. It is a starp and meaningful discussion.


 2019-03-05  25m