PJ Medcast

A podcast to provide continuing education and on-demand reviews for the Pararescue community. All medical providers with an interest in remote and austere medicine, and rescue in both the tactical and non-tactical settings will find value in the material posted here. PJs - you may log the hours you spend listening to the material in this podcast in your training folders.


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188. HPO Block

This is an intro to an HPO block of podcasts for the next couple of months. Enjoy these discussions covering heart rate variability, wearables, exercise physiology , deep dive into overheating and hydration, and reflections from Dr Doug Kechijian,...


 2019-09-10  6m

187 Quickie with the 212th

Swordfight in Alaska


 2019-08-29  14m

186 DM jump mission Part 2

DM Doc continues discussion


 2019-08-27  26m

185. The DM Jump Mission -TBI Part 1

The Fight Doc with the Team discusses the mission


 2019-08-21  29m

184 Update on the R & R program

Doc Bryan gives us an update on this PTSD program


 2019-08-16  32m

183. More HPO

Coach Drew Part 3


 2019-08-07  35m

182. Circadian Rhythm and Performance

Our Army sleep neuroscientist Doc Brager is back to discuss the impact of circadian rhythms and performance for Operators. Learn what they are and how they impact performance, and  what you can do to work around it. Check out Doc Brager's book,...


 2019-08-01  22m

181. Marriage and relationship intel for the Operator

This is follow on info from the podcast with Capt McNab. Joe was in the AF over 30 years, his wife Meghan has been through it with him. They discuss issues to help make your relationship survive and thrive through a career. In this episode we discuss...


 2019-07-23  25m

180 ISH Part 2

Another great conversation with Ish on philosophy and thoughts on how tech rescue marries with medicine to make PJs who they are. The first discussion with Ish is one of the top 5 most listened to podcasts on PJ MEDCAST. Thanks for listening! ...


 2019-07-15  32m

179. Back to SPACE

Resumption of Manned Space Flight Coverage


 2019-07-10  22m