PJ Medcast

A podcast to provide continuing education and on-demand reviews for the Pararescue community. All medical providers with an interest in remote and austere medicine, and rescue in both the tactical and non-tactical settings will find value in the material posted here. PJs - you may log the hours you spend listening to the material in this podcast in your training folders.




      117. Quickie

      Lessons learned. Tac med training, care under fire.



      116. Loss and Grief Part 2

      When to seek help after a tragedy, the role of sleep and sleep meds in grieving, how to talk to spouse and children of a fallen hero, and more relevant intel.



      115. Loss and Grief Part 1

      Recovering from the loss of Jolly 51



      114 JOLLY 51

      In memory of the crew of Jolly 51. Remember the aviators and operators. I review a few things we stressed on base this week that are helpful getting through these difficult times to deal with those close to us who are suffering and to help you get...



      113. A concise approach to PFC

      Here is a simple and concise way to approach PFC from the working group.  It is a nice re-look at how to view it.     check out specialtactics.com   check out the news for a recent Portalng PJ rescue on Mt Hood.


       2018-03-12  17m

      112. More Leadership Skills Part 2

      Continuation of great thoughts on leadership.   Start checking out SPECIALTACTICS.com, we will be merging PJMED.com to this site.   PJFOUNDATION.ORG


       2018-03-06  34m

      111. More Leadership Skills Part 1

      Leadership is about character. Leadership means influencing people. Influencing people requires building relationships with them. Advanced skills are the basics mastered. Practice the basics daily!    


       2018-02-27  31m

      110. Orbital compartment syndrome

      Our good friend Dr Mazzoli created a publication from the vision center for excellence.  OCS (orbital compartment syndrome) can result from trauma to the head, face and orbit, resulting in increased pressure behind the eye threatening the retina...


       2018-02-19  18m

      109. Combat Aeromedical Evacuation

      This episode discusses historical aspects of aeromedical evacuation and goes into some detail of the three platforms operating out of helmand province in OEF. These were Army Dustoff, Air Force Rescue (PEDRO) and the British MERT platforms. The...


       2018-01-18  38m

      108. Validating MARCH PAWS

      This episode discusses the new winter 2018 JSOM article validating MARCH PAWS as a checklist for Operational Medicine. This review was based on 465 consecutive patients during a single PJ deployment at Bastion during OEF. Happy New Year!


       2018-01-01  24m