PJ Medcast

A podcast to provide continuing education and on-demand reviews for the Pararescue community. All medical providers with an interest in remote and austere medicine, and rescue in both the tactical and non-tactical settings will find value in the material posted here. PJs - you may log the hours you spend listening to the material in this podcast in your training folders.




      103. TCCC Adoption of the I-gel

      The I-gel has a series of benefits that make it attractive as an extra glottic airway (EGA). This podcast reviews the paper that will be in the Journal of Special Operations Medicine and discusses the role of EGAs in the pre-hospital environment and why the I-gel is preferred.

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      102. NASA and Space with Doc Menon

      Doc Menon is an AF Flight Surgeon with prior OEF deployments with Moffet,  and a NASA Crew Surgeon. He discusses his background with experience on Mt Everest and in Haiti after the earthquake, and how they impact how he thinks about care in Space and other low resource, austere environments. 

      He then gives us an overview of what happens to humans in space from a medical and physiological perspective, as well as what PJs should expect when you pull an Astronaut out of the c...



      101. TCCC and MHSRS highlights

      Travis discusses highlights of 2 important mil med meetings in the past month:  TCCC Committee and the Military Health Services Research Symposium.



      100. Mike Lauria. DOMOPs special needs, PJ transition to flight medic intel

      Mike Lauria is a Med student, prior STS PJ turned Flight Medic. He discusses his experiences as they would be relevant to special needs populations during disaster response and his transition to becoming a Flight Medic which is another great career option if you want to stay operational. 

      Look into Kyle Faudree's training if you are interested in becoming a flight medic at www.iamed.us

      On this September 11 we remember our fallen and honor our police, fire and EMS first ...



      99. Doc Fedor Part 2. RSA and Intro to Special Needs Populations

      Doc Fedor adds a few notes on RSA.

      In light of civil SAR at Harvey and Irma, we introduce some of the issues surrounding special needs populations.


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      98. Rapid Sequence Airway

      Doc Fedor is a civilian Emergency Medicine and EMS Doc who is the Director of the Schoolhouse Paramedic Program. He discusses rapid sequence airway.  A technique unique and specific to pre-hospital medicine in which the patient receives a sedative and paralytic, and a supra-glottic device is intentionally placed.


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      When you go for recert courses after this y...



      97. MV TAMAR Part 4-med intel

      In the fourth installation of the TAMAR Rescue another PJ discusses the medical care in more detail provided for the two patients.


      PJs from around the Nation are supporting Rescue Ops in Texas as this is aired. Think of and pray for all the victims and responders.







      96. MV TAMAR Mission Part 3-Overview of medical care

      In the third installation of the TAMAR rescue, after infil and ship boarding are complete, Jordan gives an overview of the medical care including the complicated surgical airway.



      95. MV TAMAR Mission. Part 2.

      In part 2 Jordan discusses parachute insertion, marine surface operations, ship boarding and linking up with the Captain and crew.


      Look for the PJNY recert courses in SEP, NOV and FEB. Hosted by the 103rd RQS and NORTHWELL Health System. We have increased our PFC lanes (extended care) since lessons learned on this mish.





      94. MV TAMAR Mission Part 1

      Finally- NY PJ Jordan discusses Mission development and MSN planning for this mission in April.  This is the first of several in depth discussions of this highly complex and dynamic night jump into the Atlantic for two burn critical  patients.