PJ Medcast

A podcast to provide continuing education and on-demand reviews for the Pararescue community. All medical providers with an interest in remote and austere medicine, and rescue in both the tactical and non-tactical settings will find value in the material posted here. PJs - you may log the hours you spend listening to the material in this podcast in your training folders.




      109. Combat Aeromedical Evacuation

      This episode discusses historical aspects of aeromedical evacuation and goes into some detail of the three platforms operating out of helmand province in OEF. These were Army Dustoff, Air Force Rescue (PEDRO) and the British MERT platforms. The...



      108. Validating MARCH PAWS

      This episode discusses the new winter 2018 JSOM article validating MARCH PAWS as a checklist for Operational Medicine. This review was based on 465 consecutive patients during a single PJ deployment at Bastion during OEF. Happy New Year!



      108. Quicke- Moffet Recert LLs

      Moffet puts on an annual PJ paramedic recertification course in Tahoe.  Here are some lessons learned (LLs) and foot stomps for Pararescue Medicine. Emphasis on care under fire and TCCC. Check with Moffet in the summer if you are interested in...



      107. Psych skills 2

      In part 2 of this discussion regarding the value of psychological skills training, we continue the discussion of BTSF, Beat The Stress Fool.  We discuss the process and evidence supporting self Talk (instructional and motivational),...



      106. Psychological Skills Training

      In part 1 of psychological skills training we introduce the concept and discuss tactical breathing.  This article by med student and prior PJ Mike Lauria is in the Annals of Emergency Medicine Dec 2017. Vol 70 Issue 6, p 884. The research...



      105. Leadership vs. Management

      What are the key differences between leadership and management and how do you exploit them to achieve strategic and tactical objectives? Lessons from the business world applied to our world-    



      104. Quickie. Training debrief.

      We introduce a new feature to share quick lessons learned from training.   If you have points you think we should get out to the career field email them to me if you have my address, the PJ Med Programs Manager at Langley, or to...



      103. TCCC Adoption of the I-gel

      The I-gel has a series of benefits that make it attractive as an extra glottic airway (EGA). This podcast reviews the paper that will be in the Journal of Special Operations Medicine and discusses the role of EGAs in the pre-hospital environment and...



      102. NASA and Space with Doc Menon

      Doc Menon is an AF Flight Surgeon with prior OEF deployments with Moffet,  and a NASA Crew Surgeon. He discusses his background with experience on Mt Everest and in Haiti after the earthquake, and how they impact how he thinks about care in Space...



      101. TCCC and MHSRS highlights

      Travis discusses highlights of 2 important mil med meetings in the past month:  TCCC Committee and the Military Health Services Research Symposium.