Places I Remember with Lea Lane

Award-winning travel-writer Lea Lane shares travel memories with passionate travelers, travel experts, and savvy locals around the world. She has traveled to over 100 countries. is the author of nine books, a blogger at, and contributor to dozens of guidebooks.

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episode 77: Dominica: The Caribbean's Lush Little 'Nature Island' Tops Lists For Beauty, Adventure

Beautiful Dominica has been named the top island in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Bahamas for 2022 in Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards. Yet most travelers have yet to discover it...



episode 76: More Of Lea's Favorite Bits From Places I Remember, 2022! (Part 2)

Podcast host Lea Lane chooses favorite excerpts from Episode 63 to Episode 74. (And check out Part One , in the previous Episode, 75, including favorites from the first half of 2022.)  

In this "best of" sampling for the second half of 2022 you'll learn about a South African garden where you walk among the treetops, hiking and skiing, pandas and parks in China, and prehistoric caves in Germany...



episode 75: Lea's Favorite Bits From Places I Remember, 2022! (Part 1)

In honor of this 75th episode,  podcast host Lea Lane chooses favorite excerpts from Episode 48 to Episode 62 (Part Two, in the next episode, will include favorites from the rest of 2022)

Excerpts include beautiful memories of the Serengeti plains and Pacific Northwest waterfalls, twilight train rides in Finland, swimming in the Baths of Virgin Gorda, and seeing Icelandic geysers through the eyes of a child...


 2023-01-03  23m

episode 74: Skiing The World: Great Tips, Best Ski Areas In North & South America, Europe, Japan

Harvey Bierman is a championship skier with loads of info about the snow sports he knows and loves. He offers us tips including, learning to ski,  back country skiing, and a nuanced comparison of  skiing and snowboarding.

Harvey goes on to discuss what makes a great ski resort, offering  his choices of the best international and U.S.  ski areas.

He ends with a personal memory of his favorite ski experience...


 2022-12-20  22m

episode 73: Master Architect Tells Of Storied, Luxury Places In Marrakesh, Saudi Arabia, Mozambique, More

Hotels and resorts that have a sense of place and tell a story are the ones we remember most. Tim Peck, chairman of the luxury design and architectural firm OBMI, has based his projects on that theme, and shares his insights and experiences...


 2022-12-06  19m

episode 72: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: "World's Best Small City"

San Miguel de Allende the colonial town in the highlands of central Mexico has won numerous awards. Tania Castillo, tells why it was chosen by Conde Nast travel for the sixth year as "Best World's Best Small City."

Art, good food, hot-air balloons, vineyards, hot springs, top hotels, plus day trips -- there's much to enjoy in San Miguel and the surrounding area of the state of Guanajuato...


 2022-11-22  15m

episode 71: Take a Hike! Best Trails In The U.S.A.

The simple pleasures of recreational walks -- hiking -- is our topic.  Jeff Herman, avid hiker, first talks with Lea about the Appalachian Trail and The Pacific Crest Trail.

Lea discusses hiking jargon: "Zero Hike,""Nero Hike" and others.  We also discuss top hikes around the country.  Jeff then talks with Lea about his company's survey of the 10 best places to hike near U.S. cities...


 2022-11-08  16m

episode 70: Hotel Secrets: What You Really Want To Know -- From General Managers Themselves

Did you ever want to ask a hotel General Manager the best way to get a good rate? How to get an upgrade? Do you wonder if  they clean the throw pillows? How much to tip the housekeeper? The oddest thing a hotel guest left behind?

In this episode (with lots of laughs as well as loads of info) we talk with four hotel GMs from top hotels around the U.S...


 2022-10-25  23m

episode 69: Southwest Germany: Heidelburg, Baden-Baden, Stuttgart, Black Forest, More

Fairy-tale Europe is concentrated in one southwestern state of Germany. Natalie Dietl, and Cornelia Starr, who represent Southwest Germany and the spa city of Baden-Baden describe their favorite things.

They cover cities including Heidelberg and Stuttgart; natural beauty like the Black Forest and Lake Constance; historical sites; outdoor activities, arts, and festivals; summer and winter pleasures -- and special memories...


 2022-10-11  23m

episode 68: Favorite Gardens Of The World, From South Africa To New Zealand

One of the nicest ways to take a break from the rush of sightseeing as you travel is to enjoy a garden. And throughout the world  you will find spectacular ones, charming ones, traditional ones -- all designed to please your senses.

Beverly Hurley is passionate about gardens, and of  natural places filled with flora and fauna, wherever she travels...


 2022-09-27  25m