Plants and Pipettes

Tegan and Joram explore the world of molecular plant research. How to plants sense their environment? What controls their metabolism? How do they store energy? Come along to an excursion into the very cells of all green things!

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episode 13: I literally don't know any words

How not to get murdered? Listen and find out. Oh, and also plant facts.


 2019-07-12  57m

episode 12: QUILTBAG

Joram took an electric scooter through the best city in the world to join Tegan in her kitchen for yet another episode about plants and pipettes and things that are fun.


 2019-07-05  49m

episode 11: Joachim Phoenix

Friday, Friday we get down on Friday, Saturday is the next day and Sunday comes afterwards! Oh, and a new podcast episode. This time, we were a little bit rambly but we managed to cover everything important. And the windows was also open because we had like four million degrees inside, scientifically speaking.


 2019-06-28  40m

episode 10: PPR-protein-expression-system-plant: very good ☁☂

Despite a MASSIVE thunderstorm we came together and recorded episode 10 for you guys. Aren't we great? Yes, we are.


 2019-06-21  48m

episode 9: Harry Bittercress and the suspicious petals

This week, Joram is nerding out about Harry Bittercress. Tegan's favourite plant is super slick and super endangered and then we have an app for you and some feline fun facts. If you don't listen to this episode, then someone else will, so be prepared!


 2019-06-14  33m

episode 8: Pennycress for your thoughts

In this episode, we talk to Ratan Chopra, researcher at the University of Minnesota about his passion on pennycress research.


 2019-05-31  58m

episode 7: Crouching Dragon Hidden Protein

This week, we're talking about research on Saffron and on a crouching dragon protein


 2019-05-17  58m

episode 6: Seven Dish

In this episode, we talk about the new and trendy 7dSh antimetabolite and why it could be a great replacement (or supplement) of glyphosate, and we discuss the role of DNA degradation for starving plant cells.


 2019-05-03  1h6m

episode 5: What's the deal with ferns and their epidermis?

Today, we're diving into ancient forests of ferns and how they managed their internal water pressure and we look at how one plant species resurrects in the desert after being completely dehydrated.


 2019-04-19  1h6m

episode 4: Hot Junk

Junk or no Junk DNA? And how do seeds control when they germinate? We will tell you, sort of.


 2019-04-05  1h9m