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Each week long time podcasters Corey Fineran, Tawny Fineran and Nick Seuberling talk about podcasting. From tips on how to make your podcasting workflow better, how to maximize audience growth using social media and more. Whether you're wanting to start your podcast or if you've been podcasting for years, Corey, Tawny and Nick make this discussion on podcasting useful for everyone!


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Podcasting Awards – #31

On this episode of Podcasters Group Therapy, Nick and Corey talk about podcasting awards, like The Academy of Podcasters Awards and The Podcast Awards.


 2017-06-21  53m

Things That Motivate Us – #30

Happy Belated Mothers Day from PGT! On this episode of PGT we share the podcasts, Youtube creators, authors and other that motivate us in our podcasting and business endeavors. Here are some of the folks we discuss.


 2017-05-15  49m

Podcast Revenue – #29

Welcome back for another episode of PGT! On this episode, we are talking about the different streams of revenue they have had through their podcasts over the years.  We talk about sponsorships, CPM, advertising agencies, Patreon, Paypal,


 2017-04-22  52m

Hosting Events & Live Streaming – #28

Nick and Corey convene to talk podcasting on a Monday morning.  Here are the topics we discuss: After our last conversation, Nick came up with a solution for website backups.  We talk about coming up with some other plans if your website goes haywire.


 2017-03-13  1h2m

Website Issues & Podcasting Conferences – #27

Surprise! It’s Episode #27 of Podcasters Group Therapy. Nick and Corey pop into the podcast feed to talk about a few things: Corey has been through the offseason from hell with Ivy Envy and he talks about all of their website and feed issues.


 2017-02-17  1h13m

Podcasting Journey Updates – #26

Holy Cow! It’s a new episode of PGT! That’s right. After a calendar year of no new episodes, we are back. In this episode, you will hear us explain why an entire year has gone by with no PGT episodes. We also share where we are in our podcasting journe...


 2016-11-23  56m

Podcast Networks with Joel Sharpton and Josh Shirley – #25

On this episode of Podcasters Group Therapy, we talk with Joel Sharpton and Josh Shirley about their experiences with podcast networks. Most of you probably know Joel and Josh as the co-hosts of Always Listening, formerly known as Pod on Pod.


 2016-01-12  1h35m

So, where have we been lately? – #24

On this episode of Podcasters Group Therapy, we explain where we’ve been and talk about what we’ve learned about podcasting since our last episode. Nick’s role in radio has increased and he’ll share what’s going on with that.


 2015-11-09  1h15m

Good Interview Tips – #23

Interviews are a great way for you to help bring exposure to your podcast. If not done properly they could damage your reputation. On this episode of PGT, we offer up our best tips and techniques for recording quality,


 2015-09-12  1h23m

Traditional Media Attention For Your Podcast – #22

Traditional media appearances can being more attention and awareness to your podcast. On this episode, we’re talking about spreading word about your podcast in print, radio and television. News We don’t have a lot of news to share on this episode,


 2015-09-04  1h20m