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Every Friday, Guardian columnist and former Washington correspondent, Jonathan Freedland, invites experts to help analyse the latest in American politics. From politicians to journalists covering the White House and beyond, Jonathan and his guests give listeners behind the scenes access to how the American political machine works.


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Mitch McConnell steps down, Donald Trump wins again

This week, Jonathan Freedland speaks to the former Republican strategist and legendary political operative Mike Murphy about the state of the party he once served



Will Trump abandon Ukraine if he wins in November?

Jonathan Freedland speaks to Susan Glasser of The New Yorker about why America’s allies, including Ukraine, are so worried about a second Trump presidency



Why do so many Americans believe the Taylor Swift and Joe Biden conspiracy?

Jonathan Freedland speaks to Nikki McCann Ramírez of Rolling Stone magazine to try to figure out why, according to a poll, 18% of Americans believe the conspiracy



Who tanked the border bill?

This week, Joan E Greve is joined by Marianna Sotomayor, congressional reporter for the Washington Post, to discuss why the border bill failed.



A year on from the East Palestine toxic train derailment, what’s changed?

The Guardian’s fossil fuels and climate reporter, Dharna Noor, travelled to East Palestine to see for herself what’s changed in the 12 months since the disaster



Haley vows to fight on despite Trump win in New Hampshire

In our final episode of this special three part series from New Hampshire, Jonathan Freedland speaks to Lauren Gambino and Semafor’s David Weigel about whether or not Haley actually have reason to be positive. Or is she running on hope, rather than reason?


 January 24, 2024  22m

DeSantis drops out, Trump rallies and Haley brings out Judge Judy

Jonathan Freedland heads out on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, talking to voters along the way


 January 22, 2024  29m

What is the future of the New Hampshire primary?

Jonathan Freedland talks to Dante Scala of the University of New Hampshire, and James Pindell of the Boston Globe, as well as some longtime voters to try and figure out when it all changed for the Granite state, and whether the festival of civic duty will ever truly come back.


 January 19, 2024  24m

Trump wins big in Iowa as Haley and DeSantis fall short

Jonathan Freedland speaks to Joan E Greve, who spoke to him from a Nikki Haley caucus event, about all the potential avenues for the remaining candidates after a big win for Donald Trump in Iowa


 January 16, 2024  19m

Who benefits as Christie ends presidential bid before Iowa caucus?

With only a few days left until the Iowa caucus, Jonathan Freedland speaks to Elaine Kamarck, author of Primary Politics: Everything You Need to Know about How America Nominates Its Presidential Candidates, and former adviser to Al Gore during his presidential campaign in 2000. The pair discuss who is most likely to come out on top


 January 12, 2024  27m