Power Rangers: The Audio Drama

A ground up reimagining of the old 90's show. Power Rangers as cool as you thought it was when you were 8. Inspired by the Boom Studios comics and professionally fan made. Non Profit and in no way connected with Saban Or Hasbro.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 42m. Bisher sind 29 Folge(n) erschienen. Alle 5 Wochen erscheint eine Folge dieses Podcasts.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 22 hours 40 minutes


episode 9: Episode Nine: Fallout

With Rita seemingly out of the picture, the Rangers must deal with problems far closer to home.


 2019-12-03  54m

episode 8: Episode Eight: Fall Of The Dragon

It is time. Time for the epic battle for both the Command Center and Tommy Oliver's soul.


 2019-08-08  47m

episode 7: Episode Seven: Heart of the Dragon

As Rita's grip on Tommy tightens, revelations are made on both sides as the Rangers enter the Hea...


 2019-06-28  44m

episode 6: Episode Six: Wrath of the Dragon

With one Ranger down, Rita's Green Ranger looks to finish what he started.


 2019-05-08  40m

episode 5: Episode Five: Enter the Dragon

Rita has chosen her Ranger, now it is time to convert him to her cause and unleash him on the team!


 2019-04-12  36m

episode 4: Episode Four: The Search

As the battles against the alien forces begin to become more and more mundane the Rangers meet a ...


 2019-02-26  33m

episode 3: Episode Three: From 5 to 1

When even the full strength of the Zords is not enough to defeat Rita's creature, the Rangers mus...


 2019-01-31  28m

episode 2: Episode Two: Zord Quest

When Rita lauches giant battle mechs on Earth's capital cities it is time for the Rangers to find...


 2018-12-22  47m

episode 1: Episode One: The Chosen

Five teenagers are chosen from across America to do battle with an invading Alien empire. They ar...


 2018-11-23  1h1m