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Live from a parking garage in Reno: Dr. Moore reflects on future of PT

Fresh off a great shadowing experience with John Seivert and his crew at Body Logic physical therapy, Dr. Moore reflects on what he took away for the next generation of physical therapists and private practice owners coming up


 2016-03-15  12m

Special Monday Q&A addition: gorilla marketing, inspiring patients, & more

The awesome questions just keep rolling in, so Dr. Moore is going to keep answering them.  Enjoy the special edition of Q&A Monday, coming at you live from Grass Valley, California! 


 2016-03-14  16m

Friday Q&A: Side hustle, self manipulation, and incurable OA

Amazing questions coming in from our listeners this week! This morning Dr. Moore takes on how to handle patients who have a habit of manipulating their own backs, trying to start your own business on the side of an existing one, and how to continue...


 2016-03-11  19m

Keys to Improve Employee Retention

Keeping great employees in your organization is key to reaching full potential.  Dr. Jeff Moore discusses two key aspects of leadership and organization to help maintain a cohesive team


 2016-03-10  19m

Should universities pay clinical instructors: summarizing the conversation

A ton of attention has been brought to this important topic over the past two weeks. Here Dr. Moore attempts to summarize some of the key points and possible action items that have emerged from the dialogue.


 2016-03-09  20m

What to say when a patient comes back worse

It's a conversation you hate to have, but one that needs to take place none the less. Dr. Jeff Moore helps you master how to respond and react when a patient tells you they are worse off because of your treatment. The ability to turn these challenging...


 2016-03-07  17m

Friday Q&A March 4th

Dr. Moore weighs in on developing effective journal clubs, current GPA standards to get accepted to DPT school, and soft tissue dosage parameters.


 2016-03-04  18m

Structuring the Initial Evaluation to Reduce Failed Appointments

Keeping your cancellation and no show rate low is a necessity to maintain profitability in modern day physical therapy practice. Dr. Jeff Moore discusses key areas to focus on during the initial evaluation to drop your failed appointment rates...


 2016-03-02  18m

Pain Science: The Clinical Encounter

Engaging in pain science discussions with patients is notoriously challenging. In this episode, Dr. Jeff Moore lays out a road map to help clinicians break down this barrier to having key conversations with patients suffering from persistent pain.


 2016-03-02  21m

Feedback: The Art of Giving and Receiving

Dr. Moore discusses strategies to improve with giving and receiving professional feedback


 2016-02-28  19m