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How changing the way you greet your patient can transform your practice

Patient expectations are critical to outcomes.  1st impressions are critical to relationships.  Are we thinking enough about how we are greeting our patients?


 2016-07-26  17m

Friday Q&A: Qs for a Mentor, thoughts on PRI

Live from Denver International Airport I talk about key questions to form a mentor relationship and to get key info from a trusted mentor.  Also some thoughts on PRI. 


 2016-07-19  16m

Got Followership?

We all talk about wanting mentorship, but are you honestly ready for it?  If your trusted mentor gave targeted informed instructions on how you could improve your practice, are you honestly ready to follow it whole heartedly?  Is your...


 2016-07-14  22m

Plan of Care Completion: The Ultimate Metric

I used to think no show and cancellation rate was the single most important metric to track, but I was wrong, let me explain


 2016-07-13  18m

What leaders are and aren't responsible for

Leadership comes with a lot of responsibility, but there are also things that don't fit the job description.  A few thoughts on what lies on both sides of that fence. 


 2016-07-12  15m

3 qualities of exceptional clinicians

Traveling around the country and working with exceptional therapists gives me a unique opportunity to observe excellent therapists at work.  My observations reveals that regardless of setting or specialty there are certain commonalities found in...


 2016-07-12  15m

Student debt and RC 11-16

Student debt adversely affecting our profession in a number of ways, perhaps most importantly by forcing students into jobs that don't align with their primary passions.  Oregon has proposed RC-11 and I think we need to get behind it


 2016-05-25  18m

Reflections on #EntropyBizLBP

Well it's officially a wrap, "LBP: The Patient Experience" has been launched! It was an amazing weekend, and the recap deserves a periscope all on it's own, so enjoy!


 2016-05-23  14m

Friday Q&A: Incorporating SFMA, confirmation bias, and more!

Great questions today!  We explore the notions of anchoring too early in the examination, becoming specialized while still in school, and more!


 2016-05-20  16m

Why I love short term changes

There has been some quality dialogue recently regarding not getting too excited about short term changes.  While there is wisdom in that it is my contention that short term change is a critical piece to long term functional improvement


 2016-05-20  17m