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Self reflection needs to include your role on the team

Self reflection is great, but if it doesn't go far enough to include your skill set relative to the needs of the team, it's value diminishes greatly.  


 2016-08-17  9m

Is there a role for manual therapy in a pain science world?

If the issue isn't in the tissues, should we be getting our hands off people?  We take a look at this question through the framework of a recent narrative review of the literature.  Enjoy!


 2016-08-16  18m


Patience, perhaps the only characteristic that rivals humility as a contributor to long long term success, today on PTonICE we talk about why and how through several case examples.


 2016-08-11  17m

How your physical fitness is effecting your patient outcomes

Your level of physical conditioning may be playing more of a role in your patient outcomes than you think, today we discuss a few reasons why. 


 2016-08-10  12m

Spinal Manipulation: Does The Pop Matter?

It's a popular question, and a challenging one to answer.  On today's episode we take a brief look at the evidence and other factors that may shed light on the relevance of clicking and popping. 


 2016-08-04  26m

How being agreeable is limiting your professional development

Few people are willing to rock the boat, but then that is why there is value in it.  Respectful and thoughtful disagreement is one of the most valuable things you can put forth, this morning we chat about why. 


 2016-08-03  14m

Why the first 5 minutes of each follow up session is so critical to success

The first five minutes of each follow up session are hugely important to maintain patient engagement yet I see many therapists fail to appreciate and capitalize on this precious time. Have a listen and see if restructuring the first 5 minutes can...


 2016-08-02  17m

Tips 2 deliver an effective presentation (Part 2) and WELCOME to Dr. Justin Dunaway

Last week we discussed some umbrella topics on presentation delivery. This morning we get more into execution and actual delivery. Stay around at the end as we welcome Dr. Justin Dunaway of STAND Haiti to The Institute of Clinical Excellence!


 2016-08-01  24m

Balancing the wobbly three legged stool

Thoughts on the value of clinical experience, with a bit of advice for new grads


 2016-07-29  17m

Tips to delivering a solid presentation (Part1)

An essential skill to anyone looking to share their message at scale is to deliver the goods from the podium.  I've got a few thoughts on the matter here in Part 1 of a two or three part series


 2016-07-29  16m