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Math Quartet Joins Forces on Unified Theory

A new breakthrough that bridges number theory and geometry is just the latest triumph for a close-knit group of mathematicians.


 2015-12-08  30m

The Incredible Shrinking Sex Chromosome

Nature offers a panoply of ways to determine an organism’s sex. How can such a fundamental property be so variable?


 2015-12-01  30m

Nature’s Critical Warning System

Scientists are homing in on a warning signal that arises in complex systems like ecological food webs, the brain and the Earth’s climate. Could it help prevent future catastrophes?


 2015-11-18  33m

How Humans Evolved Supersize Brains

Scientists have begun to identify the symphony of biological triggers that powered the extraordinary expansion of the human brain.


 2015-11-10  36m

Mongrel Microbe Tests Story of Complex Life

A newly discovered class of microbe could help to resolve one of the biggest and most controversial mysteries in evolution — how simple microbes transformed into the complex cells that produced animals, plants and fungi.


 2015-10-29  30m

Theorists Draw Closer to Perfect Coloring

A theorem for coloring a large class of “perfect” mathematical networks could ease the way for a long-sought general coloring proof.


 2015-10-20  19m

A Twisted Path to Equation-Free Prediction

Complex natural systems defy standard mathematical analysis, so one ecologist is throwing out the equations.


 2015-10-13  31m

The Mutant Genes Behind the Black Death

Only a few genetic changes were enough to turn an ordinary stomach bug into the bacteria responsible for the plague.


 2015-10-06  26m

A New Map Traces the Limits of Computation

A major advance in computational complexity reveals deep connections between the classes of problems that computers can — and can’t — possibly do.


 2015-09-29  27m

Visions of Future Physics

Nima Arkani-Hamed is championing a campaign to build the world’s largest particle collider, even as he pursues a new vision of the laws of nature.


 2015-09-22  33m