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Joshua J Sheats, MSFS, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CASL, CAP, RHU, REBC is a financial planner who teaches people how to live a rich life now while building a plan for financial freedom in 10 years or less. He mixes creative approaches to lifestyle design, deep-dive financial planning techniques, and hard-core business strategy to equip you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to build financial independence.




      541-How to Protect Your Family From Your Death When You Can't Qualify For Life Insurance

      I recently worked with a consulting client who had this problem: because of a previous (serious) cancer diagnosis, he is unable to qualify for life insurance. How can he protect his family in case he dies soon? I thought it a really interesting...



      The Law by Frédéric Bastiat (i.e., my 2018 Tax Day celebration)

      Today on Radical Personal Finance, we celebrate Tax Day in the United States (April 17, 2018). As we all reflect on the actions of the government we US Americans have just supported with our tax money, I thought it would be a good day to read to you a...



      540-Is US Government Bankruptcy a Sure Thing? A Friendly Debate with David Stein, Host of Money for the Rest of Us

      On Episode 466 of Radical Personal Finance, I discussed the idea of the US Government's certain default on its stated obligations and commitments by referencing Professor Lawrence Kotlikoff's Congressional testimony on this subject. After that show,...



      539-Friday Q&A: Should I Use an HSA Account to Pay for Medical Expenses, What Tools Will Help Me Find a New Career, Should I Participate in My Company's Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Program?

      It's Friday! Today we discuss: Should I use an HSA account to pay for my medical expenses? What tools can I use to figure out a new career after unexpectedly coming back from foreign missions? Should I participate in my companies Non-Qualified...



      Money vs. Meaning-"The Drum Major Instinct" by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

      In honor of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's death on April 4, 1968, I thought you might enjoy hearing some of the audio from his last public sermon. This talk is entitled "The Drum Major Instinct." This sermon was preached in the...



      538-Making Sense of the New Car/Used Car Dilemma

      Today, a prelude to a discussion of how to lease a car. In this show we discuss a rational analysis of new car vs. used cars. Enjoy, Joshua Please support RPF on Patreon! www.radicalpersonalfinance.com.patron



      537-Friday Q&A: Transitioning from PC to Mac, Enhancing a Personal Website By Helping Others, Financial Advice for an 18-Year-Old Rockstar, Major Financial Influences on Joshua

      It's Friday and it's time for a live Q&A show! If you'd like to call in next week, please sign up here: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron Today, we discuss: Transitioning from PC to Mac Enhancing a Personal Website By Helping Others Financial...



      536-The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin

      On today's show we go back 250 years to see what lessons for wealth we can learn from Benjamin Franklin. This show is an audio recording of Franklin's essay, "The Way to Wealth." Enjoy! Joshua Here's a text version of Franklin's essay: ...



      535-Responding to Listener Comments on An Error in Real Estate Basis Calculations, Radical Financial Plans vs Traditional Plans, What Happened to SudoPay, and More!

      It's Friday! Today I'm interacting with your comments on recent episodes of the show. We discuss: Correcting an error on real estate basis Radical financial plans vs traditional plans What happened to SudoPay And more! Joshua Book a consulting call...



      534-Friendly Advice To Help You Buy Your First AR15 Rifle

      This show rounds out some friendly advice to help any interested listener who wants to put together a well-equipped home armory to do so in a thoughtful and financially prudent way. Today, we tackle the AR15 rifle. The AR15 is a wonderful rifle. It's...


       2018-03-21  58m